India vs England: how a phone call to Rahul Dravid put the mind of Hanuma Vihari at ease

India vs England: How A Phone Call To Rahul Dravid Put Hanuma Vihari

"I called him the day before he made my debut, he talked to me for a couple of minutes and I thought it eased my nerves a bit, he's a legend of the game and his contributions, especially in the batting department (helped me)," he said. Vihari on Sunday on the influence of the former captain, who is currently coach of India A.

"You just told me that you have the skill set, you have the mind set and the temperament, go and have fun & … I would like to give you a lot of credit because my trip with India A was very important for me to come here, his contributions made me a better player. "

Vihari, who played 63 first-class matches and 56 from List A for Andhra Pradesh, also said he was nervous as he faced England's fast box office hitters James Anderson and Stuart Broad in their first international appearance.

"Initially I felt the pressure to be honest … But once I got in, it relieved my nerves and it was an important partnership between Jadeja and me," he said.

"They are world-class bowlers, they have 990 different car parks in between them, going out to hit, I just wanted to be positive in my attempt, especially when Virat is there, you just have to be there with him, rotate the shot and try to build a society.

Vihari also credited Captain Virat Kohli for guiding him on his Test debut.

"… having Virat in the other made my job a little easier, I suppose, his input helped me initially, he gave me some clues to be able to play it comfortably," he said.

"I will give him a lot of credit for helping me initially, but once I settled down, the terrain was very good to hit, especially with the middle ones, which got much slower yesterday," he added.

After passing the Anderson-Broad exam, Ben Stokes threw a verbal volley in Vihari after hitting the bowler by six. The debutante said he tried to ignore him and Kohli's intervention helped.

"I just tried to concentrate on my own game, he (Kohli) also attacked him and that's how it's played today, that's how Indian cricket is now, but my aggression is something I want to do with the bat." Said Vihari.

"Obviously if it becomes personal, then I could say something in return, but as long as it's healthy, everyone likes to joke around the cricket field," he said.

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