India vs England: Alastair Cook reveals that he had his retirement in mind for the past six months

India vs England: Alastair Cook Reveals He Had Retirement On Mind For Last Six Months

Former England captain Alastair Cook announced on Monday that he will retire from international cricket after the fifth and final Test against India that will start at the Kennington Oval in London starting Friday. In his first interaction with the media since the announcement, Cook revealed that he had considered hanging up his boots during the last six months before finally announcing the end of his international career. "It's hard to put it into words, but in the last six months there have been signs in my mind that this was going to happen," Cook said.

"He had always been mentally tough and had that advantage in everything he had done and that advantage had disappeared."

Cook informed Captain Joe Root before the game and head coach Trevor Bayliss as it happened, but the rest of the squad later found out in an emotional speech about beer.

"I told Rooty before the game and then I told Trevor during the game," Cook said.

"I had a couple of beers, which I needed to be, otherwise I would have cried more than what I actually did.

"At the end of the game I said:" It could be good news, it could be sad for some, it could be happy for others, but it's time and I've done my thing. I'll play one more game. "

"There was a bit of silence, then Mo (Ali) said something, everyone laughed and then they forgot".

Cook will leave the game as the most decorated player in the country, since he has maximized his talent to the fullest.

"I can look back and say, I turned the best I could become, that really means a lot to me," he said.

"I've never been the most talented cricketer, I do not pretend to be, but I definitely think I have everything out of my capacity.

"Everyone was talking as if he had died, it's nice when you hear so many nice words about you, the last few days I've returned home but I've had a look last night.

"Fortunately this week can go well, score some races and then I can go."

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