India braces for Cyclone Mandous advances, Sri Lanka closes schools

According to forecasts the cyclone is expected to make landfall on India’s southeast coast around midnight Friday.

India is preparing for a cyclonic hurricane that will hit the southeast coast at midnight on Friday.

Authorities have deployed nearly 400 workers as aid workers in Tamil Nadu, asking people to stockpile essential supplies and be ready to move into shelters as Cyclone Mandous approaches.

India’s NDTV reported on Tuesday that a heavy rainfall warning had been issued for the southern state. Schools and colleges were closed in 12 districts, including the capital Chennai.

The report stated that the state had received light to moderate rain since Thursday night.

Schools in Sri Lanka were closed due to high levels of pollution. Mandous passes along Sri Lanka’s coast, bringing strong winds, rain, and dust.

The sky became cloudy with occasional rain in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city. Health authorities advised that elderly and children stay indoors.

India’s Meteorological Division (IMD) stated that Mandous was now less severe than in the past.

The agency warned that a storm wave of about 0.5m (1.6 feet) above the tide would likely flood low-lying coastal areas in northern Tamil Nadu, and neighboring Puducherry, if the cyclone hits.

IMD stated that heavy to extremely heavy rainfall was possible in these areas as well as further north along Andhra Pradesh’s coasts. They warned that coastal communities would likely experience damage to their thatched houses, mud homes, and power and communications lines.

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO), a statement said that air quality in Sri Lanka will improve as the cyclone moves off of Sri Lanka.

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