‘Indefensible’ House of Lords to be replaced with elected chamber, Starmer pledges

Members nominated by political parties are vetted by a nomination committee, an independent public body, before being admitted to the House of Lords. The committee also makes recommendations for non-political nominees.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer (left) instructed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown (right) to review plans for constitutional changes in Britain. Credit:FATHER

In addition to life peers, there are 92 hereditary peers, although their place in the Lords is no longer an automatic birthright after the House of Lords Act 1999. There are also 26 bishops and archbishops of the Church of England, who are known as the Lords. Mentally.

Brown’s proposals for an elected chamber include the creation of a “new, democratically legitimized second chamber”, to be called the “Assembly of the Nations and Regions”. Its role would be to protect the British Constitution, and it would have just 200 members – compared to four times as many in the Lords.

Labor has a more than 20-point lead over the Conservatives in opinion polls, but Starmer’s approval ratings have fallen overall since August, with several members of the party calling for him to do more to spell out his plans.

The proposals aim to appeal to former Labor voters who switched to the Conservatives in England’s so-called “red wall” in the 2019 general election and help blunt support for independence in Scotland and Wales.


The report, which was commissioned two years ago, includes proposals for cleaning up Westminster, including new powers to curb external earnings for MPs, laws to ban foreign money from British politics and a new anti-corruption commissioner to “to stamp out criminal behavior” in British political life.

Ordinary citizens’ juries would review MPs’ ethics regulations to ensure they functioned effectively.

Attempts to reform the upper house a decade ago by the Conservative-Liberal-Democrat coalition government led by Tory Prime Minister David Cameron were abandoned after meeting opposition within his own party.

Brown, who was chancellor under Tony Blair who led Labor as prime minister until his loss in 2010, said the reforms would give Scots who wanted constitutional changes an alternative to independence. Thousands of civil service jobs could be transferred from London to Scotland, with Brown saying the report would name 12 agencies that could be moved north.

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