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Incredible moment humpback whale breaches yards from stunned onlookers in Boston Harbor

Unbelievable moment humpback whale BREACH just yards from stunned onlookers in Boston Harbor: ‘It was pretty amazing to me’

  • Stunned Fisherman Video Shows Humpback Whale Leaping Out of Boston Harbor
  • In the second clip, a giant marine mammal jumps out of the water a stone’s throw from the boat
  • Joe Fabiano said of the sighting at 5am on Monday: ‘It was pretty unbelievable for me’
  • Follows striking collision between whale and fishing boat in Plymouth last month

This is the breathtaking moment when a humpback whale leaps out of the water in Boston Harbor.

Stunned onlookers filmed the giant marine mammal in Massachusetts Bay, between Deer Island and Long Island, as it made an incredible splash Monday morning.

Fishermen Joe Fabiano and Paula Brogna spotted the huge humpback whale swimming just a few feet away from their small boat just after 5am.

Fisherman Fabiano's video shows the immense whale jumping out of the water

Boston's iconic skyline is visible in the background not too far away

Fisherman Fabiano’s video shows the immense whale (left and right) leaping out of the water with the iconic Boston skyline not too far away in the background

Video shows the whale making one jump, with Boston’s iconic skyline clearly in the background, before making another jump minutes later, much closer to the fishing boat.

Small for a humpback whale, the adopted Bostonite is thought to be one of several adolescent whales that have been searching for fish in Massachusetts Bay in recent weeks.

But none were filmed to get that close to the city.

Fabiano told Fox news: ‘I have lived in Winthrop all my life and sailed and fished in that area many times.

A second, much closer jump was filmed by the stunned onlookers

The apparently juvenile humpback whale made its way above the water's surface just a few feet from the couple's boat

A second, much closer jump was filmed by stunned onlookers. The apparently juvenile humpback whale made its way above the water’s surface just a few feet from the couple’s boat

‘Not once have I’ [seen] a whale, so it was pretty amazing to me.’

Brogna told NBC10: ‘I was like, ‘Oh my God.”

Monday’s sighting follows the striking moment when a humpback whale was seen crashing into a fishing boat in Plymouth harbor, shattering its skylight while terrified passengers were on board.

Eyewitness Ryder Pankhurst said of the incident late last month: “It was insane. The guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all.

‘Come on, bang! Right on the bow of the man’s boat.’

Fortunately, none of the passengers in the ship were injured.

“If someone was on the bow of that boat, this could have been a really tragic story,” Plymouth Harbormaster Chad Hunter told CBS News Boston.

Marine biologists believe that whales and dolphins leap out of the water and make splashes that can be heard for miles by fellow mammals, as a form of communication.

But the National Marine Fisheries Service advises mariners to stay at least 100 feet (30 meters) away from whales for their own safety.

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