Increase Your Popularity on Facebook – 2021 Edition

Popularity on Facebook

If you are managing a Facebook page, these tips will help you gain followers and expand your popularity

Facebook changed our lives in many significant ways. It made our communication easier and faster. Social life moved from the real world to the virtual realm. We can share our daily life with our friends and family, Post our ideas and share our thoughts with millions of other users all around the world.

It had a great impact on marketing and business as well, promoting your business and reaching out to a larger audience has never been this easy. You hardly find a company _ global giants or smaller ones _ without their own page on Facebook.

That’s understandable if we look at the numbers of users _ Facebook has more than 1.7 billion users visiting on a daily basis. It creates an excellent environment to create a business or personal page, promote your work as an artist, writer, politician, comic, musician, freelancer.

Literally, anyone can get the benefit from this giant platform! Whatever your goal is _ promoting your business, digitizing your market, publishing your artworks on the internet, etc. _ Facebook really is the place to flourish your potential and reach out to an unbelievable scale of audience.

Gaining a significant amount of followers on a Facebook page is not a one-minute job. You have to think in the long term, strategize your marketing steps and be consistent while working on it.

You might feel frustrated at first when the number of followers ain’t satisfying, but this is part of the process. You can always take a few steps forward and use the service of a social provider, such as SocialWick that offers a safe and fast way to gain real followers as fast as possible on your page.

But if you are the kind of person who likes challenges and does not have a fear of starting from scratch, this article is for you.

We collected some most effective approaches for Facebook page development that will help you to gain followers and popularity on the platform.

These are the methods and tips from other creators, developed from years of testing out different strategies and gaining experience from their own mistakes.

What Types of Pages Do Exist?

Well, ALL types. starting from an online shop, ended to a personal fan page. The tips mentioned here are more general. It will give you guidelines on how to manage your page, schedule your posts, make your page look more attractive, and so on.

Let’s start!

1. Do not ask your friends and family to like your page if they are not interested in your content

Nobody likes 0 followers on their page. Have you ever created a Facebook page and sent the link to your friends and family asking them to hit the like button? You do this probably every time after creating a new page just to gain even the smallest audience for your posts.

But, we have to tell you it won’t work for your benefit. When your page content appears in their newsfeed, if they just ignore it (that is most likely if they are not interested in the topic), the Facebook algorithm will automatically assume that your content has poor quality.

Therefore, the chances of your page popping up in suggestions decreases. Engagement is important, your followers should interact with your posts by reacting, commenting, and sharing them.

So, we suggest resisting the temptation of getting only a few likes and harm your ratings, instead, avoid followers who ARE NOT interested in your page content.

Wait for a while and gain real followers who are interested in your posts. Facebook will analyze them and the algorithm will find people like them _ with the same interests and preferences _ and suggest your page to them, as the page they might be interested in.

2. Link other social media to your page

In today’s digital world none of the social platforms exists separately, independent from other ones. Creating a Facebook page without creating other social media for it too, won’t be convenient for your page reaching and engagement rates.

You must leave your footprints literally everywhere. Conquer other social platforms _ IG, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Snapchat, etc. _ any social media which will be suitable for your page content. It will create multiple ways for users surfing on the internet network to end up on your Facebook page.

3. Post regularly, but don’t overdo it

Consistent and regular posting will play a huge role to keep existing followers and attract new ones. Active pages appear in suggestions more often, Facebook rarely suggests the page that has been dead for the past few weeks or months. Another reason why you should upload content often is to keep the audience. Don’t make people forget why they follow you in the first place. Try to add a new post every day or several times a day. The best practice is to schedule your posts, this feature saves you the time spent on the page and gives you more time control and management.

But, Do Not add posts way too often. Bursting and adding a huge amount of content in a short period of time distracts your follower’s newsfeed and causes their irritation which ends up with unfollowing. Gaining followers without knowing how to keep them is the thriveless effort.

4. Does your Facebook page look cool?

The visual appearance of your page can attract, intrigue the users, spark interest in the content you post. Visually appealing, neat, and put-together Facebook pages will always be a few steps ahead in the competition.

Therefore, put enough time and energy into making your page look tidy and professional _ add a matching profile and cover images/videos.

Remember, Images are not only for visual pleasure, they can carry concepts and ideas behind them. Create a logo That will become the symbol of your page.

Custom URL is something else we suggest. Don’t keep the automatically generated URL when you create your page. It will be the clutter of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols, unnecessarily long and looking not… graceful.

Change it and use your page name instead ( All of a sudden your page looks tidier and even more attractive.

5. Invest in promotions

You get what you pay for. Investing money on Facebook will boost your page at the highest rate. You’re paying for the service to make your page, post or event reach more people. For maximum result into gaining more followers and reaching many users you can:

  • Promote your page. It will appear on your chosen audience’s news feed with the label on the top Suggested Page. Page promotion takes the following steps:

-Go to your Facebook page and select the Promotions from the top section.

-Choose a goal _ if you want to drive traffic to your page, select Get More Website Visitors.

-Choose creative and eye-catching content for your ad (image, video, title, slideshow).

Select the audience you want to reach: their gender, age, location, and interests.

Select payment amount depending on your budget (Facebook promotion costs, on average, $0.9 per click and $7.1 per one thousand impressions).

Select the duration of how long you want your ad to be live (general plan gives you options of 7, 14, or 28 days, or you can enter your custom duration from run this ad until section.

-Select the payment method and change it in your preference.

Submit your ad and wait while it will be reviewed. You’ll get the notification when it goes live.

  • Boost your post. This is the method to turn your post into an ad that appears on your selected audience’s news feed with a label sponsored on the top. This method increases reaching rates and engagement. Chances of reactions, comments, and shares increase which will affect your engagement rates.

Choose the post that will attract attention _ your ad should be vibrant and engaging to stop users from scrolling their feed and look at your post with interest. Think Which post will play this role, choose from your older posts, or create a new one suitable for this task. Once you have your post ready you can choose the Boost post option from the bottom right corner of the post or select the same option from the Promotion field and follow the similar steps we mentioned before.

Extra information that might be useful for personal page managers:

This is two main types of posters on Facebook:

Meformers _ people who post about themselves and their life.

Informers _ people who post and share more informative content.

Research shows that informers are only 20% of the users, but they have a greater number of followers than meformers _ almost more than two times. We can assume that posting information-sharing content has to be more convenient to become famous and gain followers on Facebook than posts related to yourself and your life.

Hope this information will help you on your journey!