Increase Profits With Small Business Call Center Software

If you’re looking to increase profits in your small business, implementing contact center software just might be the key. There are plenty of ways that call center software can help you to raise profits and improve your business from both an employee and a customer standpoint. Best of all, it can be easily implemented with integrative systems like a Servicenow contact center, making the process as painless as your normal digital workflows.

Convenient Integrations

Chances are, you’re already using some type of CRM to manage your data collection, reporting, storage, and other applications across your business. As you already know, then, having so much concentrated on one platform simplifies your workflows, especially when additional automation features come into play. An integrative contact center solution can increase productivity similarly by streamlining your efforts and automating parts of the customer service process. By integrating this service directly into your existing ServiceNow platform, you can utilize the tools and services you’re already familiar with while improving your customer service efforts.

Increased Productivity

Call center software can help your business to handle customer service, sales communications, or both. Handled manually, calls, and other communication channels can take up ample time and energy from your other business efforts. This is especially true if yours is a small business and phone calls or other communications come through in the same physical space as where you’re managing in-person sales or production.

There’s no question that these customer contacts are an important part of running your company but, if they’re constantly distracting you from other tasks, they’ll ultimately prove to be detrimental to both your productivity and your bottom line. By utilizing a contact center software solution, you can easily delegate tasks to the proper agents, saving intermediary transfers and decreasing handle times. You can even automate common occurrences to simplify the process even further.


Customizable Automation

Automations, as well, can streamline workflows to both improve response times and increase productivity. Customizable AI integrations can help your agents to work more efficiently, providing customers with quick, self-serve solutions to common concerns. This makes the process more convenient for both employees and clients. And, because this automation integrates seamlessly with your team’s human efforts, there’s no need to worry about losing that ever-important personal touch that keeps your customers happy and returning.

Superior Customer Service

By implementing software to help manage your contact center, you also ensure that a customer has a smooth experience. For example, an omnichannel software allows an agent to handle a customer’s request whether that customer reaches out via phone, email, or another method of communication along the way. If an initial ticket can be better handled over the phone, the same team member who worked with the customer over email can transfer the conversation smoothly. This way, the customer will not need to repeat each detail of their problem, and the customer service agent has a big-picture view of the issue. If the agent would need to transfer the customer to a more specialized team member, that process can be simplified with this software, too, with experts being just a few clicks away.

Another recurring struggle of customers seeking support from the companies they engage with is lengthy response times. If a customer is dealing with an issue, they’ll only get more irritated if they need to wait a long time for a reply. Optimal response times vary by platform, but they’re consistently on a short timeline. With a call center software system, customer service delivery times can be improved, and, as a result, the customer experience will improve, too.


Additional Analytics

As a further step, utilizing call center software can help you gain insight to boost customer satisfaction even more. If a customer reports a problem, you’ll have a clear record of what the issue was and can find a solution. Implementing this kind of software into your workflows brings about the opportunity to engage with analytics within your customer communications and in conjunction with the existing data in your ServiceNow cloud. As you learn more about your customers and analyze your business’s responses to them, you can ensure that you’re following through with the best possible service.

Call center software is an affordable modern service management solution in that it saves both money and effort. With these tools and integrations, your small business can increase profits and save time and money by simplifying your in-house workflows and improving the overall customer experience.