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In the survival-dauerbenner Valheim you will soon be storming fortresses with new siege weapons – WhatsNew2Day


In the Ashlands update you can use siege weapons.

While it’s probably going to be quite a while before the survival game Valheim gets its next big update called Ashlands, the developers keep providing insights into their progress and showing details from the new volcano biome.

New information about the Ashlands update

in one Steam blog entry the Valheim developers are now showing new pictures from the update. Among other things, we are allowed to take a look at the latest version of various creatures inhabiting the burning wasteland:

The Bonemaw Serpent will apparently make your boat trips a dangerous adventure. The sea creature doesn’t look well-disposed towards us, but the developers haven’t released any more detailed information about her yet.

Valkyries and the spooky skeletons known as Charred will likely inhabit Ashland’s strongholds, which you can storm using siege weapons. siege weapons? you heard me right A few days ago shared a developer a picture of a kind of cart with a coal-powered device. Now there’s another picture of the gun, how exactly it works, but we can’t guess:

siege weapon

You have to pull the cart yourself, but the gun itself is coal-powered.

Siege weapon parts

A few days ago, a developer shared a picture of the strange device.

If you want to see what the developers have revealed about the Ashlands update so far, be sure to read our last article on the topic. There is no release date yet, we will probably have to wait until the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024.

But for all fans who are hoping for new content, there is also good news. Because the smaller update Hildir’s Quest should be published within the next two months as a test version. New clothing options, hairstyles and various mini-bosses await you here. In addition, you can then adjust the difficulty level of a server with numerous new sliders:

How are you liking the new Ashlands update so far? Would you like to build a gloomy fortress amidst lava flows and ash rain? Or were you hoping to explore a slightly friendlier region in the next update? And are you looking forward to the new server options with Hildir’s Quest? Write your opinion in the comments!

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