In the Herald: December 8, 1834

wonders of nature
“A swarm of caterpillars was observed at the racecourse and over Surry Hills last Friday,” said the Herald informed. “They were so thick that many of them were destroyed at each step of the passenger; in the afternoon of that day they had all disappeared.” Elsewhere, “…an immense kingfish was washed ashore at King’s Wharf last Thursday, measuring four feet nine inches long.”

convict’s training
Some rather curious facts have developed regarding the people who worked on the treadmill for a certain time; It has been observed in a variety of cases that persons of slight build have frequently increased in weight, while persons of stocky figure have invariably decreased. Since these observations were first made, it has been a general rule to weigh everyone before they get on the wheel…

The sources of vice
The case of Mary Ann Reeves for keeping a disorderly house has caused a great stir among the nobility of that line. The last person convicted of a similar offense received a two-year sentence in Newcastle jail, a sentence that was expected to have the effect of destroying the many disgraceful brothels that abound in Sydney. These are the sources from which the streams of vice flow…

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