In the first Apple TV Plus Dickinson trailer, the poet is turned upside down

Apple has released a trailer for its upcoming original Apple TV Plus series Dickinson. It is an anachronistic comedy show of half an hour starring Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Pitch Perfect 2 and 3) as the poet Emily Dickinson.


According to Apple's capsule description, "Dickinson boldly examines the limitations of society, gender and the family from the perspective of rebelling young poet Emily Dickinson. The show was created by Alena Smith, who previously worked on The affair and The newsroom.

The short trailer gives a completely different perspective on Dickinson, traditionally portrayed as a shy hermit, until scholars started questioning that image of her and investigating how it came from a revisionist, agenda-driven archivist. Instead, Dickinson will the poet show off in a much more modern way with becoming & # 39 ;, depicting Emily as a rebellious free spirit that disappoints her parents and apparently … joins a circus?

This trailer does not emphasize the comedy. But based on the music ("I Like Tuh" by Carnage feat. ILoveMakonnen) and the style of the trailer (a rock n roll lute play, diabolical horn finger poses and dubstep dance scenes), Smith apparently adds some anachronistic modernization in the spirit of recent historical drama & # 39; s like TNT Shall or Yorgos Lanthimos ’ The favorite.

Dickinson is the fourth Apple TV Plus show that the company has shown with a full trailer that will be added For all of humanity, The morning showand the animated Snoopy in space. There is no word yet about how much Apple TV Plus will cost or when these shows will be available to stream.