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In support of the displaced.. Washington allocates 100 million dollars to Sudan and its neighbors


On Friday, the United States pledged to allocate $103 million to Sudan and its neighbors to support the displaced in light of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war between the army commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and his opponent, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced the new aid during a visit to Chad, which before the war was hosting some 600,000 refugees, most of them from Sudan.

The agency stated that it would allocate 50 million dollars to respond to needs inside Sudan, 22 million dollars to South Sudan, 17 million dollars to Chad, and 6 million dollars to Egypt.

In Chad, the funds will go to the World Food Program to provide food and cash assistance to more than 135,000 people, including refugees who have recently arrived from Sudan.

The United Nations said Wednesday that it would need $3.03 billion in emergency aid for Sudan and for more than a million people expected to flee to neighboring countries this year.

And USAID noted that Chad is “under a lot of pressure” in the first place. South Sudan is also facing an internal humanitarian crisis.

“The conflict in Sudan is forcing humanitarian partners across the region to make difficult decisions about how to deal with mounting needs with limited resources,” the US agency said.

“The United States is urging other donors to help us address critical funding gaps,” the statement said.

Sudan has been witnessing a conflict since April 15 between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, which reject a plan to integrate them into its ranks.

The United States and Saudi Arabia are leading the mediation effort to reach a temporary ceasefire that allows the aid to enter.

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