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In Gayan, humanitarian aid is still scarce

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Humanitarian aid is slowly arriving in Afghanistan’s worst-hit districts. The earthquake that shook the southeast of the country killed 1,100 people and injured more than 1,600, according to the latest official report. Our correspondents went to Gayan, one of the hardest hit districts in Paktika province.

Just 50 km from Gayan, in the same district of Paktika province, is a town that was spared by the earthquake. Every day, locals here send trucks filled with food and blankets to the most affected people in the surrounding remote villages.

The relief trucks of local and international organizations have to drive on bumpy mountain paths where they regularly break down. Some villages are still waiting for help.


A truck driver spoke to our correspondent: “The engines of our trucks are overheated, the road is very bad. We are bringing aid to the victims. We are bringing bags of flour and oil.”

We spoke to a victim of the earthquake named Dimbasha and he told us: “When the roof fell, luckily I was able to hold part of it to evacuate my wife. But I lost both my children. I have nothing left. I am lost everything.”

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