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In conjunction with a counter-movement, Israelis participate in the “Pride” march of the LGBTQ community


According to a spokesman for the Israeli police, the march was secured by 2,000 policemen.

Thousands of Israelis took part Thursday in the annual LGBT “pride” march amid heavy security, while a second counter march was held nearby.

The march is organized this year for the first time under a government described as the most right-wing in the history of the Hebrew state, as it includes many members known for their hostility and rejection of homosexuality.

“We expect a beautiful protest that will represent the diversity of the LGBT community in Jerusalem,” said Jonathan Valver, chairman of the executive committee of the march organizers.

Participants in the march carried rainbow flags, while others painted their faces.

Judaism refuses to move.

As for the opposition march, the participants carried anti-homosexual signs.

One of the banners read: “God, Judaism rejects this abomination.”

“We trust the police and we want them to do their job as best they can and make sure everyone goes home safely,” Valver told AFP. He added, however, saying: “We do not want a political provocation.”

For his part, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who was previously known for his rejection of homosexuality, said: “Even if the minister had a problem with the march, the safety of the demonstrators is the most important thing.”

“At the same time, there is a need for maximum freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate. Of course my policy is focused on people being able to protest at the Pride March,” said Ben Gvir, who arrived Thursday at the march site and stayed for a short time.

According to a spokesman for the Israeli police, the march was secured by 2,000 policemen.

the highest in 7 years

For Osrit Assaf, 28, the march is “especially important this year because the minister responsible for our security (Ben Gvir) has been protesting against us for years, calling us animals.”

As for Uri Vosner (25 years), who dyed his hair blue, he considered that “Jerusalem does not belong to the religious extremists, but to everyone.”

It is estimated that 30,000 people will participate in the march this year, and according to the organizers, this number is the highest in seven years.

In 2015, the march witnessed an ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbing a young woman to death and injuring six others.

The Hebrew state is considered the most open among the countries in the Middle East in terms of the rights of the LGBT community (gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people), and recognizes same-sex marriage contracts concluded abroad.

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