Improving industrial outlook with LED high bay lights

Industries are large businesses which require efficient infrastructure to sustain for a longer period of time. Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to laying out the infrastructure for any setup. Most industry setups are isolated from local areas due to higher requirements of energy to run the processes. Most of the building is designed to accommodate huge and heavy machinery which also require powerful lighting for working and maintenance. 

LED high bay lighting a specific lighting equipment for industries and other high bay areas. All spaces with ceiling heights extending above 25 feet and reaching 60 feet require high bay lights. These powerful fixtures produce optimum brightness to fill large spaces with uniform light. 

Structure of a High bay light 

A simple high bay light fixture can be linear or round. The width and length of the fixture is customisable but standard height is 4-8 foot long for linear fixtures. whersas , the diameter of a UFO high bay is around 14-16 inches. There are different types of fixtures for different ceilings to learn more about the requirements of your facility and purchase the best fixture for your industrial space, check this blog


The housing of the fixture is made of aluminum which is a highly resistant material against environmental factors like moisture, dirt and chemicals. It holds the electrical components in place and provides integrity to the fixture. The housing also contains mounting brackets at the back which allows different mounting options for ease of installation. The housing is IP rated and also serve as a heat sink 


The lenses of high bay light fixtures are made up of polycarbonate, glass or acrylic.  This specific material is chosen because they are highly resistant in case of accidents. This material is reflective, shatter proof and scratch resistant. It also helps with keeping the fixture cool despite longer hours of function.  


The recommended lamp type for high bay lights is LED. LEDs can be integrated or individual lamps. For longer functional life integrated LED lamps are highly recommended as they require low maintenance. 

Planning a layout:

Installing LED light fixtures in industries require specific planning as it should not just illuminate but also facilitate the working environment. The best approach is hiring a lighting contractor who will review the building parameters and create a functional and efficient layout for the industry. It is done in following ways: 

  1. Calculating the area of the industry 
  2. Measuring the ceiling height 
  3. Dividing the zones according to their use 

This careful planning is important to eliminate the risk of purchasing wrong fixtures as it costs a lot. It also effectively enhances the look of the space and helps in determining the number of fixtures, their lumen output and their mounting options. 

Advantages of Installing LED light fixtures 

LED light manufacturers repeatedly claim how effective this technology has been. It is therefore necessary to weigh the pros of installing LED lighting when it comes to creating a sustainable environment for long term progress.Traditional lighting is ineffective as they require a lot of energy just to power through one day, then they have unreliable life expectancy, prone to damage and give up in case of emergency situations. Whereas LED light fixtures are crafted while taking these factors in account and they provide: 

  • More brightness 

The efficiency of LED light fixtures is higher than any traditional option. It correlates with their ability to produce more lumens. The lumen is a measure of brightness per watt, in a sense that LEDs produce more lumens at usual wattage. For example a 50W LED lamp can produce up to 100 lumens whereas a traditional lamp can reach up to 75 lumens or less. It helps with reaching the desirable lumen output for any space at the expense of a lesser number of fixtures, click here to learn more about the different types of LED lights.

  • Low maintenance 

Traditional lamps like HPS or HID lamps are known to malfunction or give out entirely in case of any inconvenience or emergency. They flicker a lot and consume more energy. Their lifespan is less and they require occasional swap which ends up being very costly and interrupting in industrial environments as they affect the flow of work due to maintenance. Meanwhile LEDs have a warranty period of several years and they live up to it. They do not flicker, are adjustable to changing temperatures and resistant to environmental factors which help save up a lot over the years. 

  • Adjustable lighting 

LED lighting is constantly subject to development as per the changing requirements of growing infrastructures. These lights allow control over the kind of lighting and  room for experimentation. LED light fixtures are available in selectable Correlated colour temperatures and varying Colour rendering index which is fixed for most traditional options. This enhances the layout and creates bright light which is also easy on the eyes and facilitates the working environment. 

  • Safer environment

LED light fixtures promote a healthy and progressive working environment. The light from the fixture is diffused and glare free which does not cause headaches or eye strain despite being powerful and bright. The light is not emitted from any radiation source and it does not interact with radioactive sources as well. It works on green lighting technology which is safe, healthy and renewable. The light also helps in reducing carbon footprint. 

There are several other reasons why LED lighting technology has progressed and is now the most favourite option. People are now more aware of the long term drawbacks and retorting to safer and sustainable sources to facilitate their lifestyle. Specifically in the case of industries these considerations are important for the benefit of the business as well as people working in that area. LED high bay light fixtures address almost all such concerns and provide the necessary infrastructure for both new and old projects.