Improve Your Home with These Childhood Throwbacks

Parents are often very good at decorating their children’s rooms in ways that combine cuteness, comfort, and space maximization. If you are a parent yourself, you may well have spent a lot of time, energy, and money on making your children’s rooms the best they could possibly be. Now it’s time to put the same effort into the rest of your home! Follow these tips to make your living space more fun and functional.


Who said that posters on the wall have to be the exclusive domain of teenagers? A few colorful posters on the walls will go a long way to brightening up your home and will usually prove much cheaper than paintings. If you’re worried about your living room looking too much like your old childhood bedroom, consider framing your posters rather than just tacking them to the wall. You don’t have to limit your choice to music or movie posters either; for a classy touch, try some retro advertising posters or some high-quality print reproductions of your favorite paintings.

Bean bags

Another staple of teenagers’ and college students’ bedrooms, bean bags can be an extremely comfortable and amazingly practical way of brightening up your home. The great thing about bean bags is that they come encased in brightly colored covers that are easily washable. Choose an adult bean bag chair in your home’s color scheme and add both color and comfort to your living room, your den, your bedroom, or even your kitchen. Just add some popcorn, and you’re all set for a movie night!


Yes, really! Although stuffed toys are usually thought of as exclusively for kids, they can actually add a touch of brightness and happiness to every room, even in a house where only adults live. Not only are plush toys colorful and cute, but you can also buy a soft toy version of everything these days—from a stem cell to your favorite Star Wars character. Even within the traditional domain of plush toys—animals—you can find many outlandish choices beyond your usual teddy bears or stuffed dogs—alpacas, llamas, turtles, and sharks are only a few of the many choices you’ll be faced with. If you want a truly outlandish decoration that will also raise awareness of important issues among your house guests, consider buying a plush toy that highlights a mental illness, such as this clouded-over brain which represents depression—it will give your home a truly unique look and also provide a talking point for much-needed conversations around one of the most common mood disorders.

A desk that transforms into a bed

This one is more about practicality than decoration, but one theory from children’s bedroom decoration which adults would do well to keep in mind is that extra beds don’t necessarily have to occupy extra space. You’ll probably be familiar with the concept of sleeper sofas, but how about upgrading your living room or home office with a desk bed? No more spending half an hour blowing your lungs out into an air mattress when your friends or relatives come to stay!