Improve The Packaging Dynamics With These Design Ideas

If you are a business that’s utilizing the cardboard boxes for displaying the items or shipping the products, you are already ahead of your packaging game. This is because consumers love the custom boxes with logos made from cardboard. According to the survey, 71% of businesses are buying more from the brands utilizing cardboard or paper packaging, rather than the ones utilizing plastic or bubble wrap for the packaging.

In addition, 63% of people say that cardboard or paper packaging portrays the premium appearance of the products. With that being said, if you have already made an intelligent decision of utilizing the cardboard boxes but it’s never enough to enhance the visibility of the products. That’s because you cannot just throw in the goods and be off to home. This is because modern consumers believe in the diatribes on social media and unboxing videos on YouTube and Instagram. 

In simpler words, the custom boxes with logo by WeCustomBoxes must deliver a wholesome unboxing experience. Every business must keep in mind modern consumers have various options because they don’t depend on what is available from the nearby mall because they are now looking for a well-integrated shopping experience. That’s because they always have a choice of browsing and ordering from the eCommerce store which means they want the wow factor in the packaging. 

According to Ipsos, more than 72% of purchasing decisions among American people are attracted and appalled by the packaging design. Moreover, research by WestRock, 66% of people buy a new product because they liked the packaging. With this being said, businesses must ensure that box design aren’t the after-thoughts. For this purpose, we have developed this article for delivering some factors that ramp up the packaging design, such as! 


If your pretty box couldn’t hold the lotion bottle, that pretty packaging will be worthless. Generally, the packaging must offer protection to the product that’s inside the box. In addition, whichever custom box design you choose, must save the product during transit and shipping. With this being said, the packaging must be tamper-proof and study. 


When it concerns the structure of the packaging box, it will play an integral role in optimizing the ultimate perception of the packaging. For this purpose, the shape of the box will matter greatly when it concerns efficiency. This is because if your product has odd-shaped packaging, the storage of the box will be impaired. In addition, you must consider the transit and shipping costs. If you aren’t careful enough, the shipping costs will be directly impacted by the size and weight of the size.


Your packaging box must deliver what’s included or packed in the box. When people pick up a product package, they want to know what is inside the box. So, if you have ample room on the packaging box, it’s suggested to add the information about the contents of the packaging, along with the ingredients of the product, its expiration dates, and product usage instruction. The packaging box could have the company information because it serves as a podium for marketing and advertising the product. 

Reinforcement Of Brand Identity 

Surely, your box must have protection but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the appearance and aesthetics. The packaging boxes are great for developing the first impression which can directly ramp up brand recognition. The box design should never be skimped. So, for the development of this marketing tool, make sure that the business logo stands out on the product packaging and use the colors that represent the brands. 

Design Plan 

There are various aspects that can directly make or break the custom boxes. For this purpose, it’s perfect to develop the design plan and incorporate the below-mentioned factors while curating the design plan for your packaging box, such as;

Your Product

There are different shapes, sizes, and thickness configurations in the box. Generally, if you want to tick mark all these boxes, you must have a concise idea of what will be going inside the box. For this purpose, the size and weight of boxes will be dictated according to the product that goes into the box. Similarly, the thickness will change with it. 

Target Audience

It doesn’t matter which services and products the business is selling, there will always be the target audience and the end-users that you are appealing to. With this being said, the box design must be optimized according to the demographics of the target audience. For instance, the income level and geographic locations must be pondered upon. 

Attention to Quality

While you are developing the product packaging and boxes, you cannot let behind the string of quality. For this purpose, it’s best to choose top-notch and high-performance material that impresses the consumer base while delivering sturdiness. Also, the graphics must be concise with the product packaging.