Improve Employee Engagement With These 5 HR Strategies

Have you or someone you work with recently been looking for some new ways to improve the general morale and engagement levels of your employees? Maybe you have been working in human resources for years now, but you are always looking for new ways to improve the relationships between people in your workspace? Perhaps you are new to working in human resources, and you want to make sure that you are prepared with some ready-to-go strategies when you begin your new job? If any of this sounds like your situation, then keep reading to learn some useful information. This article will discuss a couple of the different ways that you can improve employee engagement with some simple and effective human resource strategies. Having a little bit of good information can go a long way towards improving your business as a whole. 

Internal Hiring

A fairly common practice in the corporate world is to implement the use of internal hiring practices to allow current employees a chance at advancement and opportunities. Internal hiring has other benefits, such as employee retention and saving time on training. If you have a large company or are part of a unionized workplace, then you can expect to see some good potential hires from your current employee workforce. If you have never tried hiring internally, then you might want to consider trying it out to see if it helps with overall levels of employee engagement. 

External Hiring

In some cases, your company might need to hire a new contractor or employee, and it is not possible to hire internally for the job. This would usually necessitate an external hire, meaning that you open up the position to applicants from the public, or certain job agencies. External hiring can have the benefit of allowing new people to have the opportunity to contribute to your company culture. Having the right people who mesh together in a workspace can have a staggering effect on productivity, so always be sure to look for the best candidate, whether they are an internal or external hire. 


If you ask any employee what the most important part of working is for them, they are highly likely to reply that the monetary compensation they receive is a large part of why they do the work they do. IT is not uncommon for companies to cling to out-of-date payroll practices that have been used since the inception of the company. These procedures are often not well suited for the modern world and can cause frustration for employees and Hr departments alike. The team from Zenefits payroll talk about the different modern solutions that exist to help out HR departments and companies in the process of organizing and automating the payroll system. This can help to create a streamlined process that is both transparent and efficient in the way that it works. 

Time Clocks

Having an old-time clock that is hard to work can be a real drag for employees and HR teams to deal with. Many old-time clocks operate using analog data, meaning that there is no way to interface with the internet or other systems used to calculate payroll. By updating the time clocks in your workplace, you can expect to see an improvement in the efficiency of payroll systems, and less backlog from employees signing in or out. 

Community Building

It is extremely important to actively try and build a community in your workplace if you want to have employees that are engaged. Having company outings and parties is a great way to build comradery with the team, and engage your employees with their coworkers. 

After reading through some of the information listed above, the hope is that you have come to a better understanding of some simple human resources strategies that you can use to improve your employee engagement. If you have a workforce that is checked out and unhappy with the workspace, then it will have a direct impact on the overall productivity of the business. You do not need to make huge adjustments in order to have a large impact on the happiness of your workers. Stop making your job and your employees’ jobs by continuing ineffective practices and procedures that are not made to be efficient. You owe it to the employees and your company to make the necessary changes that will improve working conditions for everyone. This article only discusses a few of the options that you can use to improve your employee engagement, so make sure to keep researching to learn more.