Impact Player in IPL 2023 – all you need to know about the new rule

IPL 2023 will be the first season with an Impact Player – one substitute allowed to bat and bowl – but the league has ruled that the Impact Player can only be an Indian unless there are fewer than four foreign players in a team’s starting line-up. XI.
“This will add a new tactical, strategic dimension to the game,” the IPL said in a release two days before the player auction on December 23. basketball, baseball. The substitute may act or participate as any other regular player.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest innovation in IPL:

So how is the Impact Player going to work in IPL 2023?
It’s pretty simple. In addition to the playing XI, a team will have to give up four substitutes at the coin toss. They can use any of the four subs as their Impact Player.

Can the Impact Player be brought in at any time?
There are a few options. A captain may nominate the team’s Impact Player and bring it in before the start of an innings; at the end of an over; and on the fall of a wicket or when a batsman retires. However, if the bowling side brings in an Impact Player during an over – on the fall of a wicket or a batsman retires – they are not allowed to bowl the remaining balls of the over.

What happens to the player who is replaced by the Impact Player?
They – the replaced player – will no longer play a role in the game. Not even as a substitute.

When can the Impact Player not be a foreign player? And why is that limitation there?
If a team names four foreign players in their starting squad, they can only bring in an Indian as an Impact Player. This is to limit the number of foreign players per game to four per team – something the IPL has adhered to since its inception. However, if a team starts with only three or fewer foreign players in their XI, they can bring in a foreign player as an Impact Player. But they will have had to nominate the foreign player as part of their four substitutes at the toss.

So does this change the number of players that can bat in an IPL game?
No, it doesn’t. Only 11 players can bat. So if the batting team’s Impact Player is a batsman substituting for a batsman who has been dismissed/withdrawn, then one of the coming-in players – presumably a bowler – will not bat.

How does it work for the bowling team?
When the bowling team brings in their Impact Player, they may bowl their full quota of four overs, regardless of the number of overs bowled by the player they are replacing. Suppose a team has a power play specialist and plays them out at the start of the innings. In theory, they could then replace the power play specialist with a death overs specialist – their Impact Player – who can still bowl four overs. But remember, if the bowling team brings in their Impact Player in the middle of an over, they must wait until the end of the over before bowling.

Does a delayed start affect the Impact Player rule?
The IPL said there will be no change to the implementation of the Impact Player rule if “a delayed start reduces the total number of overs available to both sides to less than 20 overs per innings prior to the start of the match…Impact Player can be used at any time during the game.”

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