Impact of lockdown on relationship


The global pandemic has affected various aspects of our lives and this isn’t limited to relationships. Whether you’re single, dating, or married, lockdown protocols are affecting all these aspects negatively. Given that bars and social venues are closed, people can no longer find dates in these venues. Dating someone has never been harder than it is during this pandemic. More often than not, you often settle for a long-distance relationship during this season. You can’t even do simple things such as taking your partner out for a movie date. In this article, we’ll be talking about the certain impact of lockdown in relationships. 

  1. Adjustment to a virtual setting

Online dating has never been more convenient than it is this lockdown. With dating apps and social media, you can easily flirt with someone you find interesting. The lockdown caused a major adjustment in all relationships and this means a virtual relationship. You can’t meet with someone you’re dating, so you’re stuck talking and flirting digitally. 

  1. Increase in self-pleasure

Compared to the old normal, you can’t have sex with your dates or significant other frequently. Since you no longer meet with them regularly, it’s only natural that the sex aspect of relationships is affected. This means finding another form of release for the sexual frustration you aren’t getting for another person, which is self-pleasure. It may not be the same as having sex with someone else, but it acts as a temporary release. This also means purchasing sex toys for your own pleasure and entertainment, even those from the LGBT community. In this sense, those from the LGBT community can purchase poppers to please themselves. Priti Patel is also trying her best to remove any legal ban on Poppers UK.  In fact, self-pleasure and purchasing sex toys apply even to those without a partner. 

  1. Increase in divorce rates

Unfortunately, marriage and divorce are highly affected by lockdown protocols. You’re constantly with your partner every day, without any means of going out on dates or having your necessary alone time. This can feel suffocating for the relationship and the burden can impact your marriage altogether. This can also highlight any financial situation you may be in. Some companies choose to let go of their employees because of lockdown and this could cause a divorce in a marriage when things get too heavy. Lockdown may cause you to forget the best aspects of your marriage and focus on the negatives instead, like financial problems or a lack of dates. 

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight on the impacts of lockdown on relationships. Lockdown has provided more negative than positives, whether you’re married or not. The feeling of isolation can cause a lack of sexual pleasure, wherein intimacy is significant in relationships. Other than this, couples are forced to adjust to a virtual form of flirting as you can’t date or be anywhere near your partner. In a marriage, the impacts can lead to something as drastic as a divorce, given that you’re stuck with your partner 24/7 with a lack of balance and intimacy.