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iMind – A New Communication Trend

iMind – a new communication trend

Team communication is an important part of the success of the entire company. It also applies to relationships within the family or between friends. Previously, distance and living in different cities or countries were an obstacle to quality interaction. Today, thanks to videoconferencing, this problem has been solved, so users can not only communicate, but also learn and work online, for example on the iMind platform.

iMind for video conferencing

Videoconferencing vs physical meetings

 Just 10-15 years ago, this kind of competition could not exist at all. Few could have imagined that the progress of online capabilities could open up a new world of communication. Now, however, many users, organizations, and businesses prefer video conferencing over physical meetings:

  •  It’s an opportunity to meet people, seek out reputable employers or workers from other countries and establish a workflow with them. In a few minutes, you can find a high-paying job, start your own business or find partners-investors for a joint project. And it’s all from the comfort of your home.
  •  It saves money on traveling to the meeting place, because even living on different continents is not a barrier to communication.
  •  It is an opportunity to feel more confident and free during an important meeting. It is psychologically easier for a person to perceive an interview, a meeting or an important discussion when he or she is at home or in other comfortable conditions. 


Lack of physical contact with the interlocutor creates a sense of protection, so it has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the conversation.

What to pay attention to when choosing a platform for online communication?

 Before choosing a video conferencing platform, you need to pay attention to several important points:

  • The level of data privacy: you must make sure that there is no risk of loss of personal information in the system. This is especially important for large enterprises and businessmen discussing financial transactions, projects and the implementation of ideas online.
  • Multifunctionality and a lot of tools: This point is necessary to choose a program in which you can combine both online chat, screen sharing and division into individual or group rooms. The more features the platform offers, the more convenient the communication process will be.
  • User feedback: the description of the platform on the official site is not always objective. Each system would at least demonstrate itself from the best side to attract as many customers as possible. Look for discussion pages where users of different platforms share their impressions about them. This way you’ll get an honest assessment of the system.


If you combine these three points and then try to familiarize yourself with different platforms and get a feel for the differences between them, that way you will find the perfect video conferencing system for you.


Top 3 reasons to choose iMind for video conferencing

The leader among dozens of popular videoconferencing systems today is iMind. This platform gets high ratings from users, professional critics and competitors. The deserved rating depends on many reasons:

  1.  The platform is suitable for different target audiences. Different customers can find convenient services and features on iMind. Both someone who wants to find foreign investors, and someone who plans to hold an online training webinar, and someone who wants to communicate with family in another city can get the same services thanks to iMind.
  2.  User security is the number 1 priority for this platform. You do not need to remember one password to log in because a one-time code will be sent to your email address every time. Once you enter this code, you will be able to log into your account.
  3.  If you are a business owner or a project manager and you do not know how to measure the individual efficiency of employees during a video conference, iMind will solve this problem. By combining shared screen editing access with a business chat in which everyone in the meeting can participate, you can see which employees are more proactive and creative during the workflow.


These three reasons are just a part of all the benefits that play an important role for customers and users of iMind. To see the full range of features of this platform, try opening it in a browser and familiarizing yourself with its tools.

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