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I’m Italian and you’re drinking coffee all wrong – you should NEVER have a cappuccino after lunch


An Italian coffee lover has blamed non-Italians for drinking coffee the wrong way.

Nadia, who has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account The Pasta Queen, often shares delicious recipes on her page.

However, as she addressed her followers in her latest video, she had a stern message for them, blaming them for their coffee drinking habits.

She revealed that people who drink cappuccinos after noon are completely wrong.

Speaking to her followers, she said Italians drink cappuccinos for breakfast, meaning it’s virtually uncommon for them to have one after lunch.

Nadia, who describes herself as the pasta queen on Instagram, has taken non-Italians to task over their coffee drinking habits.

As the video opens, a voice off camera asks her if she would like to have a cappuccino.

She looks puzzled and rolls her eyes before answering, “No. It is past noon.

Nadia goes on to explain why Italians don’t drink cappuccinos after noon, slapping her hand on the table before exclaiming, “That’s a drink for breakfast!”

She said, “That’s milk froth!” It’s good to awaken your senses before 10 p.m. If you really want to push the step, 11 hours. But not after 12 noon.

Speaking to her 2 million Instagram followers, Nadia explained that cappuccinos are a breakfast drink and shouldn't be consumed after noon.

Speaking to her 2 million Instagram followers, Nadia explained that cappuccinos are a breakfast drink and shouldn’t be consumed after noon.

Nadia further explains that when you eat a meal, “you have enough” in your mouth and stomach.

“All you need is a quick espresso,” she says.

As the self-proclaimed pasta queen expresses the seriousness of the faux pas, she uses an example to better explain how odd it would be to drink an afternoon cappuccino in Italy.

“It’s like an American having a hot dog for breakfast,” she says.

After watching her video, viewers left comments sharing their own experiences ordering coffee in Italy – which confirmed Nadia’s view.

One person said: “I ordered a cappuccino in Italy, the waiter said no. »

However, other people challenged the rule and commented to share their challenge.

A viewer said: “I will continue to have my cappuccino morning, noon and night! I will mostly continue to ask for a cappuccino after dinner when traveling in Italy just so I can piss off the waiter.

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