‘I’m eating you up’: Argentina the masters of shoot-out mind games

The empty stadium for that draw meant Martinez’s mind games were picked up by microphones on the pitch, while the Aston Villa stopper backed up his nonsense with three penalty saves to send Argentina through to the final.

“I’ll eat you,” he told Colombia’s Yerry Mina before guessing the right way to save the shootout’s second penalty.

It was the culmination of a minute of psychological warfare.

‘You’re nervous, aren’t you? You’re smiling, but you’re nervous,’ he said to Mina as he walked to the spot. “Yeah yeah. You’re nervous. You’re nervous.”

Martinez tried to disrupt his opponent by appealing to the referee. “Hi! The ball is in front [of the penalty spot],” he yelled. “Yeah yeah. Turn a blind eye.”

But he saved his best for Mina in the top of his run.

“I already know you,” Martinez said. “Hey look. Look how I know where you’re going to shoot. And then I’m going to make it. I’ll eat you, brother. I’ll eat you, brother.”

Later in the match, he was cautioned by the referee after calling another Colombian penalty taker “a wimp”.

Andrew Redmayne saves his crucial penalty.Credit:Network Ten

Redmayne’s deceit is now well known and he will have to be careful to be behind the line when the penalty is taken to stay within the rules. VAR can judge whether a goalkeeper has strayed from his line when the ball is hit.

Despite all his movements before the kick is taken, Redmayne is moved into position as the ball is hit. In the shootout against Peru, he got a hand to the third penalty, which he turned onto the right post to nullify Peru’s early advantage after Martin Boyle missed the Socceroos’ first penalty.


For Peru’s crucial sixth penalty, Redmayne delayed the process as long as possible to add to the pressure and tension.

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