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I’m a wine expert and here’s why you should ditch the champagne at your wedding


For many bride and groom, reception speeches can often be the highlight of a wedding day.

But an expert has now revealed why you shouldn’t be toasting with champagne and opting for a more affordable option instead.

Sam Caporn, wine mistress at Aldi, said choosing a sparkling alternative could be “cheaper” for couples celebrating their big day.

She told FEMAIL that brides and grooms should consider Crémant: “It’s made in the same style, by the same methods, so few people notice the difference, especially since often the bubbles are pre-poured or masked. by a white towel.”

Elsewhere, she also shared nine other do’s and don’ts for your big day…

Sam Caporn, Mistress of Wine for Aldi, has now revealed why you shouldn’t toast with champagne – and should opt for a more affordable option instead (stock image)

1. Make sure staff know how to serve wine

Abundant flows equal a heavy bill! Make sure the staff clearly knows how to serve the wine in order to control the temperature and the number of bottles.

For example, smaller pours prevent the wine from warming up and also help reduce waste.

Also consider serving wines with screw caps, especially for large weddings, as this makes it much easier for staff to open.

2. Average half a bottle of wine per person

This is generally a good rule of thumb. If you receive 120 people at your reception, it will be equivalent to 60 bottles of wine.

However, if in doubt, place an order. You don’t want to run out of wine.

3. Incorporate your wedding theme

Aligning the theme and the wine is a great way to set the tone for the big day. For example, if you’re going for a vintage theme, consider something timeless and classic like a Sancerre, while a robust French red like Languedoc wines would be a great choice for a rustic theme.

4. Don’t neglect the rosé

Rosé wine is certainly trending and should definitely be considered part of any wedding wine list.

It’s fun, it looks great in photos, and it’s very festive, especially if you’re having a summer or outdoor wedding.

It also goes well with a lot of food.

Just make sure it is well chilled before serving.

5. Don’t overthink it

Do not complicate the picking of wine! For example, just because you got engaged in Greece doesn’t mean you should only serve Greek wine!

Many couples spend too much time thinking about what the guests want, but in the end, it’s your wedding.

Buy what you want and everyone will find what they are looking for.

6. Don’t try to associate it with food

This is a common mistake when guests prefer to stick to one wine throughout.

The meal being only part of the marriage, it is better to opt for wines that are easy to drink, ie neither too woody nor acidic, neither too tannic nor too rich.

7. Adapt the wine to the season

Whether it’s a casual summer get-together outdoors or an elegant winter wedding indoors, the season can dramatically change the wine to be served.

For a winter pairing, light, easy-drinking but full-bodied red wines like a Shiraz or Malbec – I would recommend a 60:40 red to white ratio. Whereas for summer weddings, introduce rosé into the mix (30h30 from rosé to whites).

8.Ddo not splash unnecessarily

Focus on good quality but great value favorites rather than expensive, high end bottles.

The style of wines like Premiers Crus is often not to everyone’s taste, so focus on more approachable wines.

9. Don’t forget the non-drinkers

Whether you’re a designated driver, pregnant, teetotaler, or simply prefer not to drink alcohol, having fun with non-alcoholic or low-alcohol options will make everyone feel included.

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