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I’m a relationship expert and here’s what your home says about your relationship


For couples who live together, decorating choices could be an interesting challenge for lovers with different aesthetics.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, teamed up with Get Your Dream Partner Relationship Coach Billy Reid to share what your interior design habits reveal about your relationship.

Whether you’ve recently moved in with your new spouse or you’ve been living with your life partner for years, the decor in your home can say a lot about your relationship.

Rebecca said: “Moving in with a loved one is an exciting step in many people’s lives and a huge step in showing your commitment to that person.

“Be sure to take time when decorating your home together, enjoying the process and reaping the benefits of quality time together. Decorating your home with love will guarantee you a home for years to come.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, teamed up with Get Your Dream Partner relationship coach Billy Reid to share what your interior design habits reveal about your relationship (stock image)

1. The house still under construction

Means: unity is necessary to achieve balance

“An unfinished house could be symptomatic of a relationship that seeks unity in terms of shared purpose and purpose.

“It’s essential that both partners are on the same page when tackling any task, especially when it’s as big as a home renovation. It is therefore important to ensure that there are the right communication tactics and the will to move forward.

“Saving time to complete the project and spending time together while doing it can be essential to completing this project. »

2. The show house

Means: respect and mindfulness

“The best-adjusted couples tend to have organized rotations, schedules for chores and cleaning and even simple things like maintenance when things break down in the house, where each partner is aware of what the other has done and will contribute in some other equal or visible way.

“These relationship structures are as much about fairness as they are about respect, mindfulness and awareness.

“It can also be incredibly sexy to have a partner anticipating a situation and rushing into a task that you weren’t able to do without being asked.

“Don’t sleep on chores and organization, it can help other areas of the relationship as well.”

3. The functional house

Means: appreciation and understanding

“In couples where they value the same things, functionality can be as good as looks and comfort.

“Where couples are usually divided, one couple can give in to the other in terms of their desires if they care more.

“A person may prefer that all utensils be out of sight, but they are not necessarily against displaying pots and pans if there is an aesthetic visual benefit.

“Often this battle is more about the tidy versus the messy, the uncluttered versus the hoarder and the problems can be dispersed by each respective partner by taking the time to become familiar with the other’s bogeymen and not them. sting.”

4. Trinkets at home

Means: creating memories is the key

“Where some may see clutter, you might see trinkets that recall the happy years you spent together.

“While a busy home can potentially reflect a lack of organization or time, making sure you both spend time on household activities can prevent chores from piling up and give you the opportunity to be mindful of your living space.

“There’s one thing for sure, having a home filled with trinkets that have sentimental value can really help create a heartwarming home that will enhance your relationship with everyone who comes in.

“Just be careful not to overdo it, as it may require more maintenance, which may have a greater impact on your relationship.”

5. The upcycled house

Means: passion and creativity

“If upcycling is a shared passion, then it can be a great bonding process for a couple. Shared values ​​around the environment, saving and recycling can be a strength in a relationship.

“It can be fun looking for new furniture and new places to find that furniture. The creativity involved in turning one thing into another can become a more socially and financially conscious enterprise.

“Similarly, if one partner cares more than the other, it can cause friction. Shared values, respect and communication should always be the first step before embarking on any purchase or design with a shared property or living space.

“Introduce your partner gently into the things that are important to you if they are foreign to him. »

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