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I’m a motoring expert – here are my top tips on how to drive your car insurance down by hundreds


I’m A Motoring Expert – Here Are My Top Tips On How To Cut Your Auto Insurance By Hundreds

A motoring influencer has revealed her three easy steps to save hundreds of pounds on car insurance.

The cost of maintaining and insuring a car is rising with the average driver now paying £776, according to confused.com.

Motor coverage has gone up in price 18 percent in the last three months, making it one of the most expensive household bills according to the website.

Luckily, Abigayle André from She Talks Cars shared the tricks with her TikTok followers and revealed how to get the most for your money.

An auto expert has revealed how to save hundreds on your car insurance by following these simple tips

The money-saving expert advised several tricks on how to lower the price, including buying in advance and paying in full.

The money-saving expert advised several tricks on how to lower the price, including buying in advance and paying in full.

First of all, he advised buying your insurance in advance, he explained that the sweet spot is 23-26 days before, he added: ‘The longer you leave it, the more you’re going to pay.’

The money-saving genius also advised adding a designated driver to your auto insurance and suggested experimenting with different people.

She said, “Sometimes you’d be surprised that a learner driver can even lower your car insurance.”

On the same note, Abigayle said she could see if another car in her household has a multi-car policy on her own insurance. She said, ‘It could save you some money.’

According to Abigayle, where you park could also increase the price of your listing.

‘You may think it’s cheaper to park in your garage. It’s not always true, try parking on the street and see how that changes things,” she explained.

Choosing the correct job title can also reduce the price, while Abigayle explained that you should never lie on the form, she said that you should be careful when selecting the correct title.

She advised: “Use the Money Saving Expert job selection tool that suits what you do, so you’re not lying, but it’s cheaper.”

Minor tweaks to your application can do wonders – even adding your drivers license number could bring the price down by £20.

Abigayle said: “It saved me £20 and it’s better to have £20 in your pocket than someone else’s.”

The auto expert explained that it’s always a good idea to shop around before committing to an insurance plan.

“I would always get as many quotes as possible with the same level of coverage so I know I’m getting the best price,” he said.

“I know it’s a bit of footwork, but you have to work to save money,” Abigayle added.

Similarly, paying the full cost up front instead of in installments could save you the hassle of paying interest.

Businesses may charge interest on monthly payments and this could increase your annual bill.

However, Abigayle acknowledged that paying in full may not be possible for everyone, she said: “But if you can pay it all at once, it’s always cheaper, by the hundreds because you don’t pay interest.”

TikTokers appreciated Abigayle’s advice and flooded the comments with praise.

One said: ‘Great driver’s license tip.’ Another added: ‘I wish I had seen this a week ago. I paid £550 last year, £750 this year.

Another commented: ‘Best advice. Buy the car after insurance. Find a car that is cheap on insurance and then go for it.

And Abigayle agreed: ‘Always look at auto insurance first for sure!’

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