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I’m a laundry expert and these are the best days to dry your clothes outside


I’m a laundry expert and these are the best days to dry your clothes outside – and when to take them out so they don’t smell musty

  • Sarah Dempsey, laundry expert at myjobquote.co.uk, has revealed her top tips
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Spring is in the air which means temperatures are finally rising, and with energy prices to contend with, being able to dry laundry outside would be a huge benefit.

While it’s no surprise that dry, sunny days are best for drying, one laundry expert revealed how to get the desired result—even on days when the sun isn’t showing.

said Sarah Dempsey, laundry expert at myjobquote.co.uk Express.co.uk The best weather conditions for families who plan to dry their clothes outside, while keeping them perfectly fresh.

She said that as long as the ground outside is dry, that’s a good indication that the air is dry enough to hang laundry—no matter the temperature.

“Aim to hang your laundry as early in the day as possible to give it maximum drying time before the sun goes down,” she advises. “Fetch your laundry at the end of the afternoon or, ideally, around sunset.”

A laundry expert reveals the best conditions for drying your clothes outside — and it doesn’t have to be sunny (stock photo)

Another important tip is to plan ahead, which she reveals is key to getting the best results.

She advised families to check the weather forecast one day before washing, especially for those who plan to go out and leave the laundry outside.

It may not come as a surprise that sunny weather also dries clothes quickly, however, it doesn’t have to be sunny weather to dry your clothes. As long as it’s dry outside, your clothes should stay completely dry.

And in the height of the British summer, homes can hang their clothes on a clothesline the night before so they are already ready for the early morning sun. In terms of schedules, you can expect to finish your laundry the next day.

On a very hot day, clothes dry in just three hours, but on a cold day, clothes can take twice as long to fully air out.

“If it’s a breeze,” she said, “you’ll find that your clothes will most likely be dry within a few hours, no matter how bright it is.” If the weather is overcast, try to get your clothes out as early as possible so you get the maximum amount of time to hang out outside.

If the clothes are not brought in before sunset, dew will start to form when the sun goes down, causing the clothes to smell freshly cleaned and feel damp again.

Finally, Dempsey reminds us of a simple hack to ensure our clothes are completely dry. The expert warned against spreading laundry items individually to ensure maximum space and avoid overlapping items in an effort to save space.

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