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I’m a Holistic Nurse Practitioner and Here Are All the VERY Surprising Ways Your Poop Affects Your Weight


A holistic nurse practitioner has lifted the lid on the surprising ways your bowel movements can affect your weight.

Jonathan Mendoza, known as “Nurse Doza”, has more than 193,000 subscribers on ICT Tacwhere he shares educational videos on health and wellness.

The Austin, Texas content creator went viral this week after explaining how healthy poop equals weight loss, while unhealthy poop leads to weight gain.

“I bet you didn’t think your poops could affect your weight in a good or bad way — but they can,” he began.

Jonathan Mendoza, a holistic nurse practitioner based in Austin, Texas, went viral on TikTok after explaining how unhealthy poop can lead to weight gain

Mendoza, known as

Mendoza, known as “Nurse Doza”, has more than 193,000 followers on the platform, where he shares educational health and wellness videos.

“If your digestive tract is shut down in any way, your body is shut down, including your overall health,” he continued. “And let’s be honest, with weight gain, you really don’t have that in a healthy individual.”

Nurse Doza said to think of weight gain as inflammation in the body that “causes havoc and dysfunction”.

‘Imagine if you have arthritis in your knee. Your knee will swell. That is the problem,” he explained. “Well, imagine if you had arthritis in your stomach. »

The nurse practitioner gave the example of someone who knows that their overall lifestyle, including their eating habits, is the cause of weight gain.

‘Okay, well, where do you put this lifestyle?’ He asked. ‘You put your lifestyle here in your fat cells, and you put it here in your liver, and you inflame them, which inflames you.

Regarding your stool, he noted that if your digestive tract is working properly, you eat food, digest it, metabolize it, and then poop it.

“That’s exactly how health is supposed to work, isn’t it?” he said. “So if something is backed up and stored in my fat cells, my liver, it’s probably because I couldn’t poop it.”

Nurse Doza added that he often asks patients how many times they poop a day to assess their health.

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“If something is backed up and stored in my fat cells, my liver, it’s probably because I can’t poop it,” he explained.

The nurse practitioner emphasized that healthy poos should be a

The nurse practitioner stressed that healthy poops should be an “overall longevity goal” because “healthy poops are a sign of good health.”

“Don’t just think of it as weight gain,” he advised. ‘Look at it as health. Because healthy poops are a sign of good health… An overall longevity and health goal should be healthy poops, and that’s one reason we should talk about it.

The nurse practitioner’s video has been viewed over 390,000 times in just a few days.

‘This! I worked full time in the summer and waited until I got home to go to the bathroom. I gained over five pounds from detention,’ one person replied.

“I know exactly what (who) you are talking about,” someone else commented. “(It) happens when I eat bread or wheat products.”

Another added that they “agreed 100 per cent”, saying: “I have to do this every day”.

Nurse Doza recently shared her “ultimate guide to healthier poop” on her podcast, Doza school.

He explained that most people don’t even realize they have digestive issues because they think it’s normal to go to the bathroom once every two or three days.

“It’s not normal,” he said. “Healthy poops mean you go there regularly whenever you want, and you can count on your fingers how many times you’ve been there in the past two days. For most people, this is not the case. It’s not the norm.

“You should be able to poop every day,” he added. “You should be able to poop after meals. You should be able to poop first thing in the morning because your body is relaxed.

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