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I’m a doctor, here’s a deadly reason why you should never shave your body hair.

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I'm a doctor, here's a deadly reason why you should never shave your body hair.

According to doctors, removing body hair is a risky activity and could have fatal consequences.

Anesthesiologist Dr Myro Figura has revealed the terrifying reality faced by people who opt to maintain a hair-free aesthetic.

The popular medical expert explained that hair, especially on the arms and legs, is the body’s first line of defense against many pests and diseases.

In an Instagram reel titled ‘mosquito season,’ the popular doctor explained that body hair serves three main functions: ‘insulation, protection and sensation.’

He explained in depth how hair “protects” against pests, especially mosquitoes, and shared a video of one of the blood-sucking insects trying to get through the thick hair on your legs to get to your skin.

“Do you think this mosquito has any chance of surviving? No,” he said.

The mosquito’s needles cannot reach the human skin, keeping him safe from any viruses it might carry.

The doctor’s warning comes as Europe is suffering one of its worst mosquito seasons on record, with tourists being warned to “stay away” or “come prepared”.

Dengue cases alone doubled in 2023 and are expected to “explode” in 2024. One seasoned traveller described it as “a terrifying plague”.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, residents and travellers to 13 countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain, are at serious risk.

The doctor’s followers were eager to follow his advice.

“Being hairy has its advantages,” said one woman.

“Looks like it’s going to be a hairy summer at my house,” another agreed.

Some took it as permission to stop shaving once and for all.

“So what you’re saying is never shave my legs, especially during the summer,” one woman said.

“I can’t wait to get into my sasquatch era,” one joked.

Other followers were devastated to hear the doctor’s advice.

“I’m fucked. My body is completely hairless,” one woman said.

“I wish I had seen this before I shaved today,” one man added.

And some were just skeptical.

“I have pretty hairy legs as a man and I can confirm that they still find a way to bite you,” one man said.

“They’ll just bite your toes off,” said another skeptic.

“Fun fact: I did a little study on this myself. One year I didn’t shave and counted all the bug bites and where they were. The next year, I did,” one woman said.

“I had six more bug bites the year I didn’t shave, and most of them were on my neck or face. So unless you can grow hair in that area… this won’t work. Anyway, if you want to go natural, go for it.”

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