I’m A Celeb’s Jill Scott toasts her win with Mike Tindall and Matt Hancock at Coming Out show

The cast of I’m A Celebrity 2022 let loose as they reunited to film the Coming Out Show in Queensland, Australia, on Monday night. 

After Jill Scott was crowned Queen Of The Jungle during Sunday’s finale, the team came together the following day to toast her success at luxury seafood restaurant La Luna Marina Mirage. 

Filming was underway for the reunion show and the group appeared to be in good spirits as they laughed and reminisced over their jungle experiences.  

From the Bush to the bar: Queen Of The Jungle Jill Scott toasted her win with her campmates as they reunited to film the Coming Out Show in Queensland, Australia, on Monday night

After Jill received a warm reception when she returned to civilisation from the jungle.

After After a day of pampering, the star athlete in sports looked elegant in a black one-shoulder jumpsuit, which she paired with stylish and sensible white trainers.

The former footballer put her brunette hair up in a high ponytail. She paired it with small, gold-hopped earrings and a variety of delicate charm bracelets.

Letting Loose: Mike Tindall Slipped Into 'Nibble My Nuts' Pants

Letting Loose: Matt Hancock Let Loose On The Dancefloor As The Team Came Together To Toast Jill'S Success At Luxury Seafood Restaurant La Luna Marina Mirage

Letting loose: Mike Tindall slipped into ‘nibble my nuts’ pants and Matt Hancock let loose on the dancefloor as the team came together to toast Jill’s success at luxury seafood restaurant La Luna Marina Mirage

Here They Are: Jill Snapped A Selfie With Campmates Chris Moyles, Matt, Boy George, Babatunde Aleshe, Scarlette Douglas, Seann Walsh, Sue Cleaver, Owen Warner, Charlene White And Mike

Here they are: Jill took a selfie with her campmates Chris Moyles and Matt, Babatunde Aleshe. Scarlette Douglas. Seann Walsh, Sue Cleaver. Owen Warner, Charlene white, and Mike

Matt Hancock had also time to clean off the jungle grime, arriving at the bash wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

He Third place was taken by Lioness Jill, who defeated Owen Warner, Hollyoaks actor, in Sunday’s finale.

The ITV Show announced the results of the final vote. Jill won with 47.29 percent, Owen got 30.99 percent, and Matt finished with 21.72 percent. 

Dressed To Impress: After A Day Of Pampering, The Sports Star Got Glammed Up And Looked Effortlessly Chic In A One-Shouldered Black Jumpsuit That She Paired With Sensible Yet Stylish White Trainers

Scrubbed Up: After Receiving A Hero'S Welcome When She Returned To Civilisation Post-Jungle, Jill Admitted She Spent The Day Bathing In An Effort To Remove The Jungle Stench

Get dressed to impress After The sports star was treated to a day full of pampering. She looked stunning in a one-shouldered black jumpsuit, paired with smart but stylish white trainers.

Ashley Graham Flashes Her Tummy In A Purple Bikini

Striking: The Former Footballer Swept Her Brunette Locks Back Into A Neat High Ponytail, And Completed The Look With A Pair Of Small Gold Hopped Earrings And A Selection Of Dainty Charm Bracelets

Striking: The former footballer swept her brunette locks back into a neat high ponytail, and completed the look with a pair of small gold hopped earrings and a selection of dainty charm bracelets

Great Scott! Jill Was Crowned Queen Of The Jungle During Sunday'S I'M A Celebrity Finale With Owen Warner Finishing In Second Place And Matt Hancock Making It To Third

Scott is a great guy! Jill was crowned Queen of the Jungle during Sunday’s I’m A Celebrity finale with Owen Warner finishing in second place and Matt Hancock making it to third

He His third place win was a joy. He showed off his dancing skills on the dancefloor, having been taught some moves during camp.  

Scarlette Douglas, Scarlette’s dance instructor, was seen together shaking a leg and then apparently beginning a conga. 

Mike Tindall, fourth place campmate, also looked in good spirits as he donned a pair ‘nibble me nuts’ boxers. He had previously shocked camp with his stories of showing them to Princess Anne. 

What Have You Got Under There? Fourth Place Campmate Mike Tindall Also Seemed In High Spirits As He Donned A Pair Of 'Nibble My Nuts' Boxers After Previously Shocking Camp With His Tales Of Flashing Them To Princess Anne

What are you doing there? Fourth-place campmate Mike Tindall was also in great spirits, sporting a pair of ‘nibble your nuts’ boxers. After initially shocking camp with his stories about flashing them to Princess Anne’s eyes, Tindall looked even more relaxed. 

Special Gift: Mike Was Given A Pair Of Novelty Boxers After Delighting His Campmates With The Tale

Special Gift: Sue Cleaver Was All Too Pleased To Hand Over A Pair For Him

Mike received a pair of novelty boxesers as a special gift after he entertained his campmates with the story. Sue Cleaver was happy to give him a pair. 

He said that he loves a suit and discussed smart attire at camp. My problem with suits is I over exaggerate dancing at weddings… I rip a lot of suits, trousers and stuff. 

‘The old sl*t drop gets me every time. I was at a wedding and wore a suit. They were shocked. I was like, “Don’t worry I’ve got a spare.”

“They were like, “Who brings a spare coat?” A person who rips many trousers brings a spare suit.

On The Move: Reunited With His Campmate And Dance Instructor Scarlette Douglas The Pair Were Seen Shaking A Leg Together Before Seemingly Starting A Conga Line

On the move: Reunited with his campmate and dance instructor Scarlette Douglas the pair were seen shaking a leg together before seemingly starting a conga line

Getting Into The Swing Of Things: Matt Seemed In High Spirits As He Danced Around The Restaurant With Scarlette

Moving into the groove: Matt was in good spirits while he danced around Scarlette’s restaurant 

Time To Make Up? Despite Not Getting On Well In Camp, Matt And Boy George Were Seen Catching Up At The Reunion

Is it time to make amends? Matt and Boy George were spotted catching up at the reunion despite not getting along in camp. 

Loving Life: The Pair Shared A Laugh While Enjoying A Glass Of Buck'S Fizz

Animated: The Pair Were In Deep Conversation

Loving each other: They shared a good time while sipping Buck’s Fizz. 

Beaming: Owen Warner Seemed In High Spirits After Finishing In Second Place The Night Before

Beaming – Owen Warner, who finished in second place the night prior, seemed to be in good spirits 

He added: ‘Zara had like a 30th birthday, it was a disco 70s themed one, I was dancing on the dance floor, I had like flares on, full outfit but it was quite tight, nothing ever fits – rugby player’s bum and legs – so I was dancing with my mother-in-law and I did a sl*t drop in front of my mother-in-law.’

Mike, who is a father to Mia, Lena, and Lucas (both four-year olds), said, “Rripped my trousers straight in front of Zara.” My boxers, which I was wearing at the time, said “nibble your nuts.”

The 2022 I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Final attracted an enormous peak audience, 11.5 million viewers, and a 59 per cent share of viewing. This was the highest peak audience for any entertainment program on any channel.

Fantastic Four: Babatunde, Sue, Scarlette And Charlene Looked In High Spirits As They Said Cheers With Their Bucks Fizz

Fantastic four: Babatunde, Sue, Scarlette and Charlene looked in high spirits as they said cheers with their Bucks Fizz 

Catching Up: Matt Was Holding Court As He Chatted Away With Sue, Seann And Owen At The Party

Catching up with Matt: Matt was at the party holding court while he talked to Sue, Seann, and Owen. 

Fun Times: Babatunde Embraced Boy George As They Shared A Giggle At The Bash

Enjoyable times: Babatunde was joined by Boy George during a giggle at the bash 

Fun Times: George Was In His Typical Boisterous Mood As He Larked Around For The Cameras

Chirpy: Seann Looked In Good Spirits

Fun times: George was always in a boisterous mood while he played for the cameras, while Seann seemed to be in good spirits.

With an average of 10.1 million fans tuning in, it was up by 3.6 million viewers on the audience to last year’s final and the highest ratings since 2018.

Jill was stunned when Owen was defeated to be crowned Queen of The Jungle. 

Jill spoke about her win on Monday’s Good Morning Britain and said, “Winning the Euros must be up there among the greatest moments of my life. But this hasn’t sunk in!”

Although it was hard at times, the “cyclone challenge” was like being a kid all over again. It was an amazing experience that I tried to make the best of. 

Fun Times All Round: The Group Couldn'T Contain Their Laughter As They Chatted Away About Camp Life

All in good fun: The group laughed so hard they couldn’t contain themselves as they chatted about camp life 

Pour It Up: Chris Was Seen Replenishing Mike'S Glass Of Bubbly

Mix it up: Chris was seen refilling Mike’s glass of bubbly. 

Holding Court: George Had The Group In Hysterics As They Looked On In Awe While He Told His Tales

George holding court: The group was in complete hysterics while George told their tales. 

Her As she joked, “It’s my first priority since I left the jungle.” Two baths and one shower to get half-decent smell!’. She She said she doesn’t know what her next career path will be. 

Jill stated that she was eager to catch up with England’s progress as campmates were not permitted to contact the outside world. World Cup. 

She “I have missed the…” World Cup is so important. Owen and me begged for the scores, but they kept repeating that “we can’t give you”! They will be fine against Wales, I think. I am confident. Phil Foden is a huge fan of mine! 

Fancy Seeing You Here! Babatunde Seemed Delighted To Be Reunited With Matt As They Caught Up

I would love to have you join us! Babatunde was delighted to be back with Matt, as they caught up 

Delightful Duo: Scarlette And Charlene Embraced As They Enjoyed Their Glasses Of Fizz

A delightful duo: Scarlette, Charlene and their glass of fizz. 

During the finale, Mike Tindall did the honours of placing the floral crown on Jill’s head as she sat triumphantly on her wooden throne before hugging her fiancée on the bridge.

After When it was revealed that 12million votes had been cast for the election, Jill felt stunned and said, “I can’t believe.” It is unbelievable. I believe I’m going be owing my grandma a lot for the 12million vote! I believe there shouldn’t be only one winner. We all win. 

Jill stated that she was glad to sit with Owen, her best friend, ahead of her coronation. The pair had been friends during their time together on the show.

Pour It Up: Chris, Babatunde And Matt Raised A Glass As They Caught Up

It’s time to pour it all: Chris Babatunde, Matt and Matt raised glasses as they chatted 

What'S Going On Here? There Seemed To Be A Bit Of Shock Aimed At Boy George During One Point Of The Chat

What’s the matter? One point in the chat seemed to have seen a little shock directed at Boy George 

Snap Happy: George Pulled Silly Faces For The Camera As He Snapped A Selfie

Snap happy: George snapped a selfie with a silly face for the camera 

Speaking to MailOnline after her crowning, Jill Scott says she can’t wait to marry her fiancée and admits being apart from her longterm love in the I’m A Celeb camp was ‘difficult.’

According to the former Lioness, the most difficult challenge was going for a month without any contact with her girlfriend Shelly Unitt. Without Shelly’s unwavering support it wouldn’t have been possible to survive the Australian camp.

After Jill is proud of England’s Euro 2022 win and her reigning I’m A Celeb victorious. After the couple’s 2020 engagement, Jill feels it’s high time to ‘get some planning in order.

Cheers To The Class Of 2022: The Jungle Stars Threw Their Glasses Into The Air For A Group Cheers

Cheers to the class in 2022: The jungle stars raised their glasses for a group cheer. 

Jill retired from soccer in August at 35, after her last of 170 international appearances was in the Euro 2022 final.

She ITV bosses immediately signed him up to star in I’m A Celeb. The show returned to Australia for the first-time in two years.

After Jill believes in living in the moment, and she lives by her mantra “Step By Step, Day By Day, Mile By Mile”. She has it tattooed on her wrist. Jill also admits that she doesn’t have a career.

However, she aspires for the Women’s Prize. World Cup coverage in Australia next Year, which gives her the perfect opportunity for a return Down Under.

I’m A Celeb’s Coming Out special will air on ITV on Thursday,  December 1 at 9:15pm. 

Here They Are: The Campmates Formed A Strong Bond During Their Time In The Jungle

Here they are: Campmates form strong bonds during their time in jungle 

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