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I’m A Celebrity 2022:Seann Walsh, Boy George and Mike Tindall bag EIGHT stars during Grot Yoga trial




CLAIM TO FAME: legendary pop star

PHOBIAS: be afraid

MISSING A GREAT OCCASION? No, I’m going straight to the jungle after playing various festivals and concerts.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: The in-house dietician assures everyone that they will be fine on the jungle diet. And animator: I will sing!

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I am a very positive person and I do not hold grudges.

DREAM CAMP: It would be fun if my ex, Jon Moss, came on the show, but I don’t think that’s going to happen!




CLAIM TO FAME: radio announcer

PHOBIAS: I am petrified of the heights. I ended up carrying the bags when we took my girlfriend’s niece to Go Ape one time because I’m so petrified!

MISSING A GREAT OCCASION? A friend’s birthday, a wedding and Leeds United games

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Artist. I hope I can help shorten everyone’s boredom.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: Hiding food! I’m going to fly early and sneak into the jungle and hide noodles everywhere, then I’ll be everyone’s best friend!

DREAM CAMP: Ant and Dec… let’s see how they manage for 24 hours!

dream blade

dream blade


CLAIM TO FAME: Playing Eileen Grimshaw in Coronation Street

PHOBIAS: Do not be ridiculous! I will not admit what I fear the most!

MISSING A GREAT OCCASION? Coronation Street and we are expecting another grandchild any day now so hopefully it arrives before we fly to Australia.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I’ll be more of a mom, that’s where I’ll naturally fit in.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I can cook and I am a good listener so I hope to be a kind ear to everyone.

DREAM CAMP: Good morning, Richard Arnold from Great Britain. He is my TV husband and it would be wonderful to have an ally at camp!

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CLAIM TO FAME: Host of A Place in the Sun

PHOBIAS: spiders. There’s no point in lying about it! I have an irrational fear of them.

MISSING A GREAT OCCASION? Just a vacation that I can postpone

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Mom, cook and cheerleader. I always like to look at the positive side of life.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I can cook and will be good at making sure everything is tidy at camp.

DREAM CAMP: Mo Gilligan. He is hilarious and I totally love him!





PHOBIAS: I am afraid of absolutely everything. Snakes, rats – I am afraid of all of them and I am afraid of tests.

MISSING A GREAT OCCASION? He was going on tour but we have now postponed it until next year.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Tension breaker. If I can break the tension anywhere in the camp, then I will. We don’t need to argue as it will be the first experience for everyone.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I hope to bring some humor to camp.

DREAM CAMP: I’m a huge Arsenal fan so any former Arsenal player would be great. I really want to chat with Ant & Dec about soccer.

Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh



PHOBIAS: I’m not too happy there are rats in there, but I’m just trying to pretend it’s not happening!

MISSING A GREAT OCCASION? No, I really want to participate in this program.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU WANT TO DISPOSE IN THE JUNGLE: People have expressed their feelings towards me and I hope they see that I am very different. I want to create new memories.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I am a great listener. I don’t know how to cook, but if someone wants to teach me, I’ll try.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I don’t want to belittle myself, but if my friends answered this question, they’d say there’s not much Seann can do! I’m not really bringing too much to the table, which is why I’m a good listener!

DREAM CAMP: Lee Evans, anyone from Blink-182 or Boy George. My mum took me to see it at Wembley and she was wearing a satellite dish for a hat!


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