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I’m 59 and I NEVER want to have sex again after being widowed – holding hands is my love language

A single mother has revealed that she doesn’t want to have sex again, saying that holding hands is more romantic for her now that her libido has dropped.

Monica Zwolsman, 59, who lives in Sydney, Australia, explained how she noticed a dramatic drop in her sex drive after having her two children, saying it was ‘what nature intended’.

In a personal essay for my motherThe mother, tragically twice widowed, questioned whether any woman over the age of 55 still experiences sexual desire, insisting that she “doesn’t mind being unf***able.”

When researching the topic for her article online, Monica says she came across countless medical websites telling her there was “something wrong” with her body.

Monica says that almost every website recommended taking hormones or getting therapy as a means of restoring her libido.

The mother-of-two wrote: “The hint is that all healthy, natural women want sex, no matter their age, which is why I’m lacking in some way, be it mentally, physically or hormonally.”

Monica Zwolsman, 59, who lives in Sydney, Australia, says she never wants to have sex with anyone new. The mother-of-two says her sex drive dropped dramatically after having kids

Monica says she has ‘loved deeply’ in her life and has been tragically widowed twice and divorced once. In the photo with a previous couple on vacation

‘I’m not stressed. I am happy. I have a lot of time. I am in perfect health. But I just don’t want to be that intimate with anyone.

The mother then went on to explain how she has loved “deeply” in her life, but as she gets older, she now prioritizes “holding hands and hugging” over having sex.

In the 1990s, Ken, Monica’s first husband, was tragically shot to death in a South African war zone two weeks before the country’s democratic elections.

Then, in 2003, the mother, who had just given birth to son Benjamin, lost her second husband, Stephen, to a heart attack at the age of 39.

Now a single mother with two grown children, Monica says her idea of ​​a romantic night is to sit on the couch and watch TV or read a book instead of having passionate sex. Pictured is her during her appearance on Sunrise last June.

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Soon after, Monica’s first child passed away and she married a third time.

Now a single mother with two grown children, Monica says her idea of ​​a romantic night is to sit on the couch and watch TV or read a book instead of having passionate sex.

After making a call on social networks, the mother was reassured to know that her colleagues have the same opinion.

She continued: ‘I miss holding someone and burying myself in their armpit, skin-to-skin contact and snuggling in bed. Above all, I would like to have someone of my own who is always there as an anchor.

“But if it means I have to change the privacy of my genitals to get this, then I’m leaving, because I don’t want the rest as much.” I have a dog for company and unconditional love. I have children, sisters and brothers for family.’

Last year, Monica’s son Soren went viral after he was photographed in a women’s swimsuit, leading social media users to believe it was “punishment” inflicted on him by his coach. .

A photo of Soren Zwolsman (pictured), now 17, wearing a floral one-piece swimsuit four years ago caused a stir in Australian swimming after it was reported that the photo captured the youngster being bullied by a coach.

A four-year-old photo of Soren Zwolsman, now 17, wearing a one-piece swimsuit was used as evidence of coaches’ routine bullying of young swimmers, but Monica said there was an innocent explanation.

Olympic silver medalist Maddie Groves originally sparked a debate about the treatment of young swimmers when she tweeted that ‘misogynistic perverts’ within the sport were shaming and embarrassing them.

Soren Zwolsman’s photo was later used as alleged evidence of bullying, with claims that he was forced to wear it as punishment for “swimming like a girl”, but his mother, Monika Zwolsman, said the photo was grossly misinterpreted and that it was story around her “was made up”. from air’.

‘What happened is that my son (and the coach) were having a quality session. She had forgotten her clothes, so she looked around her and saw (the girl’s) clothes,” Ms. Zwolsman told Sunrise last June.

“He put them on and obviously they were a bit small so he thought it wouldn’t work so he decided to ride his bike.”

Ms. Zwolsman pointed to the would-be bullying whistleblower who provided the photo to the media, asking why that person was taking candid photos of a 13-year-old boy trying on a bathing suit.

“What we have to see here is who took pictures of my 13-year-old son changing into and out of his swim trunks,” said the mother of two.

‘Who was that pervert? And what other photos do you have of my son in that situation? That is what i want to know.’


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