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iHeartRadio now turns podcasts into books

iHeartMedia, the radio station company that has pushed podcasts, is now entering the book industry. The company announced yesterday that the podcast series Stuff You Should Know has entered into a four-book agreement with Flatiron Books. The first book Things you need to know: an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things, will be released this fall and will “answer any questions that readers didn’t know they wanted to ask.” Start thinking about those questions!

This is not the first podcast series to receive a book deal – Barnes & Noble has even made a whole list of books based on or inspired by podcasts – but the news comes at a time when the podcast hype is palpable. Several companies, such as iHeart and Spotify, close content deals with big names and bet their business on the success of those shows.

However, advertising revenue is not the only way they hope to make money. Gimlet Media, which acquired Spotify in 2019, specialized in making sponsored shows and also helped in creating an Amazon Prime video series based on the podcast Coming home. On the other hand, iHeart seems to think that books can provide another source of untapped income. We are entering a world where a podcast is not just an audio series, but also a book, TV show, movie, and anything else on other media networks.