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iFixit is now selling replacement Pixel Fold parts

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Among the parts available is a kit to replace the Pixel Fold’s flexible interior screen. It costs $899.99 (or $909.99 when bundled with iFixit’s Fix Kit toolset) and includes the internal OLED display, a flexible glass panel, batteries, screen bezels, side buttons, and fingerprint scanner . You can also purchase some of these components separately, with the “Flip” and “Base”both available for $49.99. A replacement frontal camera can be purchased for $42.99, and the Fold’s OLED outdoor screen It costs $159.99.

There are currently 20 repair guides available for the Pixel Fold, along with a wide range of the phone’s internal components.
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The right-to-repair champions at iFixit also provide guides and replacement components for several other Pixel devices, including the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6A, Pixel 7A, and Pixel Tablet. The Pixel Fold appears to be the first foldable smartphone that iFixit supports so completely.

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