If your salary is missing, QuickBooks could be to blame


Due to an issue with QuickBooks’ direct deposit processing, some people had a very unpleasant morning, waking up to find that their paycheck hadn’t arrived, or they had a bunch of employees asking why they weren’t paid. If you’re one of those people, it might not be time to panic just yet – QuickBooks says that the problem is solved and that the money should end up in bills by the end of today.

QuickBooks claims the missed payments were caused by a problem with a third party. However, some users are upset about how QuickBooks owner Intuit handled the situation, claiming that they couldn’t reach the company through their phone or chat lines.

QuickBooks told The edge that it works on communicating with ‘affected customers’, but it’s certainly not the kind of situation you want to deal with on Friday morning, especially the 30th. If you’re an employee, you probably have a ton of bills coming in, and if you’re an employer, you probably don’t want all of your employees to be mad at you because of a computer malfunction that isn’t your fault.

If you’ve been bothered and still haven’t seen a payment at the end of the day, you can rent this out The edge by sending an email to tips@theverge.com.