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If your notebook looks like this, you should definitely stop using it – WhatsNew2Day


An annoying problem that not only affects notebooks: swollen batteries.

Anyone who frequents Reddit knows that in addition to lots of memes and questions that are not meant to be taken seriously, you can also find helpful tips there. In the case of the 1,000+ comment post under discussion, at least one thing is clear: it can be a serious warning.

What exactly is the problem? At its core, it’s about a bloated battery. As in the picture in the appropriate Reddit post and as you can see further down in this article, it provides the necessary power for a notebook, but in a way that is no longer harmless.

The title of the Reddit post is short and sweet is this safe As you can imagine, the answers from the community are more than clear. The comment with the most upvotes is appropriate: No. Your battery is swollen and poses a fire hazard.

What to do if the battery is bloated?

The general rule is: For safety reasons, the device should not be used before it is repaired and the battery should not be recharged. As a rule, a swollen battery is a sign of a defect inside, which leads to the formation of flammable gases.

The background is the chemical reaction that is necessary for typical lithium-ion batteries to ensure the energy supply and charging. If it does not run correctly, for example due to increasing age, overcharging or overheating or a defect, the problem described can occur.

The gas then expands and inflates the battery. This in turn often leads to visible damage to the device, as can be seen in the following image:

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Professional repair and disposal recommended

In order to avoid unnecessary risks and ensure adequate disposal of the defective battery, we recommend that you have an affected device repaired by a specialist.

If you still have a warranty on your hardware, the repair can also be arranged through the dealer or manufacturer. However, in the case of rechargeable batteries, it is often only six months, if there is a guarantee at all.

If it is instead about the statutory warranty of two years for new goods, it can become difficult to assume the costs at the latest from the point at which the burden of proof lies with you as the buyer, especially since a battery must also be treated with care.

What is the best way to take care of my battery?

  • If possible, do not fully charge and completely discharge the batteries. Running between 20 and 80 percent is often recommended
  • Do not expose batteries to extreme temperatures, neither particularly hot nor particularly cold
  • Protect batteries from damage and falls
  • Charging batteries slowly tends to be better than fast charging for their longevity
  • Do not use inferior chargers and cables

Have you ever had the problem that the battery in one of your devices such as notebooks or smartphones has swelled up? If so, how exactly did you deal with it? If not, do you think that you were lucky, or does the best possible handling of the battery also play a major role? Write your opinion about it in the comments!

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