‘If Britney Spears is needed to unite this country, I’m here for it,’ says GOP representative Nancy Mace

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill finally agree on something: Britney Spears’ freedom from her conservatory.

“I wish I studied psychology in college, it was very interesting,” Republican Representative Nancy Mace told the DailyMail.com in a Capitol Hill interview Tuesday when asked about the dual nature of the support for the pop star.

“I’ve seen the far left and far right come together on this issue, and so it’s one of those places where we’re united,” the South Carolina congressman continued.

And if Britney Spears is needed to unite this country where we’re so divided – there’s so much violence right now, there’s so much division – if that’s what it takes, if that’s where we are, then I’m here for. ‘

Mace signed last week to co-sponsor Democrat Charlie Crist’s Free Britney Act, which aims to add more oversight to America’s conservatorship and custody process.

“I think it’s very important in the 10 or 20 percent that we agree that we do that” [work together]said Mace.

Outside Mace’s office, along with posters expressing support for Cuba, Israel and thanking the US Capitol Police, the congresswoman hung up a pink sign with Spears’ mouth covered in black tape accompanied by the hashtag: “#FREEBRITNEY ‘.

Outside Representative Nancy Mace’s office, a pink poster with #FREEBRITNEY shows the pop star with black tape over her mouth

“If Britney Spears is needed to unite this country… then I’m here for it,” Mace (pictured) told DailyMail.com when discussing her new conservatorship legislation with Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist

The #FreeBritney movement gained widespread media attention in recent years as speculation about Spears’s imprisonment at her conservatory began to circulate, fueled further by her cryptic Instagram posts.

The 39-year-old mother of two finally spoke out last month when she gave a lengthy spoken statement to a judge asking to choose her own lawyer and appealing the decision to have her custody re-evaluated without the need for an attorney. a new mental assessment.

During her testimony, Spears said her father Jamie Spears, who is the primary guardian for his daughter’s custody, would not allow her to have her IUD removed even though she wants to remarry and have more children.

Mace said this aspect was particularly disturbing to her and she compared it to actions by the Chinese Communist Party.

“The way she’s been treated—from the outside—is disgusting,” Mace said.

“One of the other things that upset me was the IUD issue,” she added. “Being forced to use birth control — an IUD that’s so invasive, in your body, that you can’t have children — that’s something Communist China does, not something the United States of America does. It really is a nightmare. If it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone.’

When asked why this aspect particularly struck her, Mace said it could be partly due to the fact that she was a mother of two, Miles and Eli.

“As a single mother and as a woman, for someone to limit me in that way—of procreation—it’s scary, it’s disgusting, frankly, that they did that to her,” the congressman said.

“We let that happen to her. It’s wrong.’

“If she can drive a car, let her drive a car, right?” Mace said, expressing her frustration with an expletive, demanding her freedom. Here’s Britney Spears riding Thousand Oaks with friend Sam Asghari on July 27, 2021

Mace said Spears' testimony was

Mace said Spears’ testimony was “disgusting,” claiming that her statement not to remove an IUD so she could have more children was like something out of “Communist China.” Here the South Carolina representative poses with her two children, Miles and Eli, in a Facebook post

The legislation, co-sponsored by Mace, Crist and about a dozen other bipartisan lawmakers, allocates $250 million to case workers to identify abusers of conservatorship situations and increase accountability and transparency.

She also said money would go to give people a conservator who has nothing to gain from the relationship.

If passed, Mace says it would allow Spears and others to “appeal in a judge or court to request a public guardian.” Perhaps someone who has no conflict of interest, in this case financial or otherwise.’

“Even your own family may have the best intentions, but they can be encouraged to keep you in a conservatory instead of giving you back your freedom,” she said.

Mace revealed that there are 1.3 million people in conservatories in America, and said there are many cases like Spears’ where “they are held captive and they can’t spend their money.”

“It’s her money. She should invest it and spend it as she pleases,” Mace said of the most notable conservatorship case.

“If she can drive a car, let her drive a car, right?” she said, expressing her frustration with an expletive. “I mean, it’s just really crazy when you see her case and what’s going on.”

Conservatories and guardianships are legally mandated situations in which a person is appointed by a judge to manage financial affairs or otherwise take care of the daily life of a person who, due to mental disabilities, is deemed unable to do so themselves.

Spears posted two topless photos on Instagram last week

She put two glitters on her nipples

Spears has started posting more candid accounts on her Instagram following her testimony last month, where she asked if she could choose her own lawyer while petitioning to get out of her conservatory.

Spears was forced into her conservatory in 2008 as she faced a serious mental health crisis. From then on, her father was put in charge of her $60 million estate.

Other Republicans are also working on legislation to tackle conservatorships in the US, including controversial Representative Matt Gaetz, who appeared last month and spoke through a megaphone at a #FreeBritney rally.

However, Mace has said audiences should not expect a Spears performance in the country’s capital too soon.

She said her legislation with Crist is still in its early stages and the group has not approached Spears or talked about the bill because she is a “very busy woman.”