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Ice Hockey DEL 2022/2023 Playoffs – Live Conference



: EHC Munich

Who comes into play better today, can then control the game and set the pace? The better start can make all the difference – this is shown by the balance of the last games: The team that was able to score the first goal has always won!


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

Because this tricky situation should be avoided, the Red Bulls’ route is clear: “There are always ups and downs in a playoff series. Now is the time for us to find an answer.” Head coach Don Jackson wants to deal with that Balancing in the series back south. Above all, the Upper Bavarians need answers to the well-organized defense, goalie Dustin Strahlmeier and the dangerous counterattacks by Wolfsburg.


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

With this victory, Wolfsburg not only take the lead, they also gain home advantage. Because today it’s happening again in the local ice arena in Wolfsburg. And so today is perhaps the best chance for the grizzlies to take a big step towards the DEL final. At a score of 3: 1, the hosts would have three match pucks and would be on the verge of overthrowing the almost overwhelming favorite.


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

The Red Bulls ran like crazy, especially in the last third. But defensive can black-orange, and splendidly. Effective Wolfsburg responded 5:3 to desperate Red Bulls and thus grabbed the lead in the series. Wolfsburg always had an answer to Munich’s successes. Dustin Strahlmeier between the posts of the Autost√§dter can make the difference in this series, as proven in this game.


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

The Grizzlies’ response then followed in the second encounter. At home in the Autostadt, the Wolfsburg team won 3-2 and equalized in the series. The playoff-experienced Grizzlies, who, like Munich in recent years, were still in action in April, then showed in game 3 why they are to be reckoned with.


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

The Upper Bavarians came out of the starting blocks better. In game 1, the Red Bulls beat Lower Saxony 5-2 at home. An optimal start after Munich were able to triumph against Bremerhaven after a total of six games. Wolfsburg only beat Straubing in game 7 two days before the first semi-final duel and thus still had an intense decider in their legs.


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

On paper, the main round first plays against the regular-season No. 5. But now in the playoffs – when it really counts – there is no sign of this difference. Wolfsburg leads the series just 2-1 and Munich, after dominating the main round without question the first contender for the title, is now under pressure.


Grizzlies Wolfsburg : EHC Munich

Time for game #4! On Maundy Thursday it will be hot again in the DEL: The Grizzlies Wolfsburg welcome the EHC Red Bull Munich! At 7 p.m. the first face-off starts. Welcome!

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