‘I will not step on that landmine’: Benjamin Netanyahu REFUSES to endorse his ex-ally Trump for 2024

‘I will not step on that land mine’: Benjamin Netanyahu REFUSES to endorse his former ally Trump by 2024 and vows to ‘deal with’ whoever is in the White House, while calling on the former president to CONDEMN Nick Fuentes and Kanye West

  • Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, returns to power after his coalition won a parliamentary majority last month.
  • He and Donald Trump were very close while both were in office.
  • Netanyahu told NBC host Chuck Todd to “stay out” when asked if he wanted Trump to win the 2024 presidential race.
  • Netanyahu said Trump “did great things for Israel” but urged him to go further by condemning Nick Fuentes after their meeting at Mar-a-Lago.

Incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who forged a close political relationship with Donald Trump when both were last in office, compared declaring his support for the former US president to stepping on a “land mine” on Sunday.

Last month, Netanyahu led a right-wing coalition to regain a majority in the Tel Aviv parliament, meaning Israel’s longest-serving prime minister will return to power after being defeated by a historically diverse opposition coalition. .

Speaking with NBC News’ Meet The Press, the longtime leader used his recent election to dodge questions about whether he would support Trump’s 2024 campaign for president.

He also urged the former commander-in-chief to condemn anti-Semites Nick Fuentes and Kanye West in stronger terms after they dined with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort last month.

The close public relationship between Trump and Netanyahu soured after the former president called his Israeli counterpart “disloyal” for congratulating President Joe Biden on his 2020 victory.

But the prime minister was careful to avoid criticism or favor on Sunday, declaring: “Oh God, I’ve had enough of my politics.”

‘I just won, I’ve been through four of our elections, do you want me to participate in your elections? Keep me out of this,’ Netanyahu taunted.

Incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has avoided saying whether he would support Donald Trump in the 2024 US presidential election despite their close past relationship.

Without giving names, he vowed to work with anyone who becomes president when pressed whether a Trump victory would be good for Israel.

‘Well, let me just say that I’ll take care of anyone who’s been elected president, those I’ve worked with in the past and anyone new to the plate because the bond between Israel and the United States… It really is a bond of peoples. ‘ Netanyahu said.

‘I’ll take care of anyone, and I certainly won’t step on that land mine you just put in front of me.’

The conservative politician quipped: “Come on, I’ve been in this business long enough and so have you.” Keep trying.

He was also cautious in condemning Trump’s meeting with white nationalist Fuentes and rapper West, now known as Ye, noting that Trump “did great things for Israel.”

Trump Announced Last Month That He Is Mounting A Third Campaign For The White House After Losing To Joe Biden In 2020.

Trump announced last month that he is mounting a third campaign for the White House after losing to Joe Biden in 2020.

It Comes Amid The Fallout From His Dinner With Kanye West And Nick Fuentes At Mar-A-Lago Last Month (Pictured: West, Left, And Fuentes, Right, Are Seen At The Miami Airport Before The Meeting)

It comes amid the fallout from his dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago last month (Pictured: West, left, and Fuentes, right, are seen at the Miami airport before the meeting)

Ye made headlines last week when he called Jews pedophiles and gushed about Adolf Hitler in an interview so far back that his conspiracy theorist host Alex Jones was forced to reject the rampant anti-Semitism he espoused.

Netanyahu called Trump’s meeting with the couple a “mistake” last week.

Trump did not immediately reject Fuentes’ views, but in a Fox Digital News In an interview about a week later, he said, “I had never heard of that man, had no idea what his views were, and they weren’t expressed across the table at our very quick dinner, or it wouldn’t have been accepted.” .’

‘Let me say that President Trump did great things for Israel. He recognized Jerusalem as our capital, long after King David proclaimed it as such 3,000 years ago. He moved the American embassy there. He recognized our sovereignty over the Golan Heights,” Netanyahu said, listing the Trump administration’s policy stances on Israel.

‘So he’s done all these great things, and I appreciate it. And I’m still grateful.

But he added: “On this matter, on Kanye West and that other unacceptable guest, I think it’s not just unacceptable, it’s just wrong.” And I hope you see a way to stay out of it and condemn it.

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