I was nearby for one of the many US gun massacres. ‘Thoughts and prayers’ did nothing

At the time this article was written, This year, 40,252 Americans were killed by gunshots – 21,912 by suicide, the remaining 18,340 killed unintentionally or murdered. They were all between 0-17 years old.

This will be the Third consecutive year with more than 600 mass shootings in America. We hear of some; the vast majority don’t make it into the margins. There’s just not enough room.

In a mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in May, 21 people were killed. Credit:AP

Ironically, among all the symbols of capitalist consumerism in this land of the supposedly free and its many ill-fated hallmarks, firearms may just be the pinnacle of the American dream. At an average 120.5 private guns per 100 persons, there are more civilian weapons than civil arms. Words like “hobby” and “interest” just don’t fly anymore. It’s true that not all Americans are gun owners. But guns aren’t quite the same thing as stamps or motorbikes or dildos. They’re killing machines. That’s what they are designed for, and semi-automatic weapons are specifically designed for killing people.

“This morning the victims and their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly.” After a tragic incident at a Colorado nightclub, five people were killed and 18 were injured, Lauren Boebert, Colorado Congresswoman, offered condolences.

Let’s take a closer look at Boebert’s words, starting with “lawless violence”. That’s a funny coupling. What is it? Lawful violence? Police brutality?

Boebert published a book on July 15. American Life. In a promotional interview with Steve Bannon she talked about her commitment to her community, her grassroots approach in politicking, and refusing to be bought out by Washington lobbyists. Only, the preface to American Life Ted Cruz wrote this article. According to data from the political fund tracker OpenSecrets is a publication on the anti-gun violence site Brady United. Ted Cruz has received donations of $US176,274 ($264229) from the National Rifle Association throughout his career as a Senator for Texas.The average annual gun death rate in this area is 364

Cruz, however, is at No. 22 on the NRA’s list of political priorities. Leading the charge is Utah’s Senator Mitt RomneyGovernor of Massachusetts, he was also a candidate for the presidency in 2012. NRA support for Romney is $US13 647,676. The 16 highest-earning NRA members have earned more than $1 million per annum.

Boebert isn’t on that list, yet. Lauren Boebert is still the same Lauren Boebert that, along with her husband owned Shooters Grill, which was a gun-themed restaurant.In restaurants, wait staff had guns. Last December, she posted an Instagram photo in which she and her children were posing with semi-automatic rifles in front their Christmas tree.

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