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‘I was ghosted after the best date ever’ Woman reveals her struggle with online dating

‘I Was Ghosted After Best Date Ever’: Woman Reveals Her Struggle With Online Dating

  • A woman has revealed how she was ghosted after the best first date ever
  • She said her date had been thoughtful, kind and generous during their first meeting
  • But she wasn’t shocked when he ghosted her – after he didn’t kiss her

A single young woman has revealed how she was ghosted after the ‘best first date ever’, leaving her disappointed – but not completely surprised.

Speak with Nine Honey the woman said she was turned on by her date when he showed up and “looked exactly like his profile pictures.”

And the night kept getting better – he was attentive, paid for dinner and drinks, and even walked the young woman to her car.

A single young woman has revealed how she was ghosted after the 'best first date ever', leaving her disappointed but not completely surprised

A single young woman has revealed how she was ghosted after the ‘best first date ever’, leaving her disappointed but not completely surprised

“He asked about me and my life for a long time and wanted to know why my last relationship ended,” she said.

She told him that her last relationship had been toxic and that there had been commitment issues.

Her date went on to talk about his own past relationships and revealed that he inherited his love of archery from his ex-wife, which the woman found exciting.

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“He had a good sense of humour, he was handsome in a goofy way, and he was very polite and asked me a lot of questions about my family,” she said.

By the end of the evening, the woman was feeling good about her potential new love interest.

So when he didn’t call, she was disappointed.

She admitted that there was one red flag at the end of the night, which made the disappearance act much less shocking.

“He didn’t try to kiss me. Not even on the cheek. I thought that was a big red flag,” she said.

She says she’s had a lot more bad first dates since joining the apps, including with guys who looked completely different or bully her for being a snob.

Expert Reveals Her Top Tips for Online Dating Success:

1. Honesty. “The little things you’ve learned about a person online have got you excited. Your expectation to meet them is great. you meet. It becomes clear that they are not the person they described. Your excitement leads to crushing disappointment. The attraction cannot recover from that.’ White lies may seem insignificant, but they destroy trust and lost trust is hard to regain. Being open and honest also takes courage. Few people are attracted to cowards. How will they cope when life gets tough?’ she explained.

2. Make them laugh. “Laughter brings good memories,” Ronnie said. “A smile also releases hormones that strengthen bonding. It tells the other person that you are friendly and almost everyone wants to be around someone who makes them feel happy.”

3. Be vulnerable. ‘We connect by sharing stories about ourselves. The more personal those stories are, the stronger the bond; it’s a matter of intimacy, a matter of trust, and it’s very unconscious. It’s also mutual. Let the other be vulnerable (don’t judge, listen and support) and their bond with you will grow. It doesn’t have to be heavy. How many times have you heard someone say, “I love that she can never find anything, or I love that he can’t dance?”

4. Give them a gift for no particular reason. “This doesn’t have to be a formal gift and it’s not the price that counts,” Ronnie noted. “Do they like Tim Tams? Show them you noticed, buy them a pack. Maybe they are looking for a good personal trainer. Do the research and give them some suggestions. Also never, never! expect them to pay for the first date. Offer to go for half. If they decline, offer to pick up the tab next time. Remember to do it.’ Generosity is attractive. It’s not greed.

5. Don’t think that a profile picture or an algorithm is the best way to date online. Don’t give up online dating because it hasn’t worked for you. Try to match with your voice. Voices can tell you about someone’s inner strength, kindness and honesty. There are no ambiguities in a voice message either. Texts can be misread. Find out if someone’s voice makes your heart beat faster; voices have been matching people for hundreds of years longer than profile pictures.

Source: Ronnie Giandzic

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