‘I have still yet to feel my babies kick

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs exclusively revealed with OK! that she’s expecting twins with her boyfriend Billy Belbosq – something which came as a shock to the pair.

While Amy, 32, had come off contraception earlier this year, the reality TV star didn’t expect to conceive so quickly as she discovered she was pregnant just two months later. Making the surprise even bigger, she later found out she’s carrying twins.

Now, in her exclusive column for OK!, Amy will chart being pregnant with twins, and how she feels like she’s “going back to square one” despite having had two babies before.

In her fourth column below, Amy discusses her baby shower plans, training through pregnancy and her concerns about not having felt the twins kick yet…

OK! columnist Amy Childs is expecting twins in the new year
(Image: James Rudland)

Baby shower plans I’m definitely going to have a big baby shower. It’s got to be done. It’s the last pregnancy I’m going to have – let’s go out with a bang.

Our gender reveal was more lowkey and it was lovely just being me and Bill. It was so intimate and no one was around other than my friend Josh who was filming it all.

Basically, next year – maybe at the end of January – I’ll have my baby shower. It’ll be over the top, you can imagine can’t you? Like I said, I’ve got to go with a bang.

I’ve started training with my PT My PT came round last week, Thursday and Friday, we just did little light exercises and a tiny bit of cardio. Nothing strenuous like I would usually do. And you know what? I feel so much better having those two sessions already.

I’m definitely going to try and keep it up, and I’m sure people will ask me why I’m training while pregnant; it’s not because I want to be skinny, I just want to keep my exercise up.

My PT hasn’t had me jumping around or anything like that, we’ve just done a few squats and after those two sessions I felt amazing.

When I go back to training eventually after the babies, I don’t want it to be back to square one again.

Amy, boyfriend Billy and her daughter Polly recently went to Winter Wonderland together
(Image: Amy Childs/Instagram)

I haven’t felt the twins kick yet… I remember the moment Polly and Ritichie kicked for the first time when I was pregnant, but I’m yet to feel the twins kick.

Apparently you get the first kick at 17 weeks and I’m now nearly 20 weeks. I’ve felt the babies moving and felt flutters, but not a kick. So I was worried and rang the midwife and she said, ‘Look, sometimes there’s not a lot of room in your belly’, and obviously I have two in there! I thought I’d be having double the kicks carrying twins, but that’s not the case.

I was concerned because they hadn’t kicked, but all I can say to other women is that if you’re worried, call your midwife.

Amy was concerned that she hasn’t felt the twins kick yet
(Image: Amy Childs / Instagram)

I love my bump! I actually love my bump. I rock it. All the mums at the kids’ school say I rock it well.

I said to Bill the other day that my bump makes me feel really comforted – it’s the weirdest, strangest feeling but I genuinely love being pregnant. I don’t love being tired, I hate that, but I love being pregnant.

I feel like pregnant women should embrace it because it’s amazing what our body’s doing.

Maternity clothes I love dressing my bump. I was wearing leggings on the school run today and I haven’t got maternity leggings, instead I just got the size up from what I usually wear. I do have some maternity clothes, but sometimes it’s easier to just buy bigger normal clothes.

Plus, some maternity outfits are very old fashioned… It’s like they think that because you’re a mum now you’ve got to be really frumpy, and that’s not the case at all.

Soon-to-be mum-of-four Amy said she loves dressing her bump
(Image: Amy Childs/Instagram)

I tried this outfit on the other day and it was lovely on the website, but when it arrived and I tried it on, I looked like a 70 year old! It wasn’t for me.

You might be a mum or whatever, but you’ve got to feel sexy as well and feel nice in yourself. The last trimester you might feel like you’re walking around like a whale, but earlier on is the pregnancy is a nice time.


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