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‘I felt valued on set’: Hong Kong’s 1st Japanese AV actress Erena So praises positive environment filming in Japan, Entertainment News


Hong Kong just recently commemorated a very first in its showbiz market and parts of the population are rather pleased with the task.

Starlet Erena So ended up being Hong Kong’s very first Japanese adult video (AV) star

When talked to by HK01, the 26-year-old applauded the favorable recording environment in Japan, where the quantity of preparation and the size of her team was substantial, to her pleasure.

She shared: “Even when recording motion pictures in Hong Kong, the skills keep to one particular set of clothing. At many, they will prepare one additional set, however they will not prepare numerous additionals.

“When I was recording the AV movies, they (the team) prepared a truckload of clothing and over 10 sets of shoes. It was stunning!”

Erena was likewise happy that they prepared her preferred foods and treated her with regard.

“I felt valued and touched, so I have no remorses,” she included.


Erena’s very first AV movie, with popular Japanese male pornography star Ken Shimizu, is set to be launched within the next 2 weeks.

At an interview last Thursday (March 16), Erena informed Hong Kong media: “I truly enjoy sex so I’m turning my interest into a profession.”

It has actually taken her almost 2 years to get this chance, she shared: “I emailed my CV to Japanese pornography production business and they either neglected or declined me. I approached production business in Taiwan, asking if they might assist me call their Japanese equivalents.”

Limitations and preferred plot

When penetrated about her limitations for her movies, she stated that she has actually not considered it, however she does understand what she does not wish to do.

She stated that she would not have the ability to accept needing to enter contact with urine and poop or be associated with substantial “multi-player sports”.

She included: “I can accept optimal 3 individuals, including myself.”

alt” data-caption=”A screengrab of Erena in her interview with HK01.
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As she has a dad and grandpa in reality, she is likewise not able to accept a function who ends up being intimate with her dad or grandpa.

Scenes with siblings are fine, as she does not have any male brother or sisters in reality, she included matter-of-factly.

Erena likewise has a particular concept of her perfect story. She elaborated: “Subway plots are too typical. I have actually not seen such a plot prior to: one where I go on a demonstration in the streets and get abducted by a political leader or somebody else, and after that things occur.”

I didn’t do anything to damage others’

Regardless of not being a supporter for marital relationship, Erena does fret about its effects on her individual life, particularly how her future partner would think of it.


She felt that it is affordable for her future partner to mind her profession, however she hopes that he might comprehend how she believes.

Sharing openly, she stated: “I feel that no matter how appealing your look is, others will burn out of it one day. Both sides require to be extremely psychologically suitable. It will just last if you like the other individual’s character and you hit it off.”

She comprehends that not everyone can comprehend or accept what she does.

“I earn a living with my own efforts, I didn’t do anything to damage others,” she concluded.

I do not anticipate them to accept my option’

According to As1 Entertainment, she has actually been feeling guilty Towards her moms and dads and has actually not informed them.

From signing the agreement till the statement of the release of the movie, Erena has actually not shared anything with her moms and dads. Even now when she has actually ended up being a hot subject, her moms and dads have actually not called her.


She shared: “I am persisting. I am their only child, and they provided me all their attention. I am more severe and individualistic, so when I set my mind on something, I will take it to the end.

“I believe it’s excellent that they are quiet in the meantime. We can talk when the time is. I do not desire us to state the incorrect things since of feelings. I do not anticipate them to accept my option, however despite their reactions, I will satisfy my obligations as a child and look after them.”

If her moms and dads call her one day, she stated that she will be peaceful and listen to what they have to state.

“I am more avoidant, so I do not wish to consider it. Whenever I consider it I wish to shriek, however ultimately I need to deal with the repercussions of my actions. I will take it day by day in the meantime,” she revealed.

I can not keep recording blindly’

In the interview with HK01, Erena likewise shared about her future strategies: “I wish to make adequate cash and appeal. I can not keep shooting blindly. Although I am shooting AV, I likewise wish to make motion pictures and dramas in the future, finest if they are not Category 3.”

Classification 3 are movies which are limited to those above the age of 18 due to delicate material, frequently consisting of nudity.


Erena has actually shot mainstream movies prior to. In 2016, she went into showbiz however got little direct exposure. She acted in Talking about Crocodiles in 2017, however it was not launched in movie theaters at all. Later, she handled a small supporting function in P.T.G.F, a movie about escorts.

She feels that she can just be thought about a genuine starlet when she movies non-AV movies, and hopes the general public will not stereotype her as she wishes to have a vibrant image.

“I understand that this is a gamble, however I did not believe excessive. I do not wish to hear a lot of viewpoints, as I hesitate it will shake me. Even if the action is bad, a minimum of I have actually attempted, no reaction is still a reaction … Seeing lots of people being encouraging, I feel so grateful.”


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