I feel great … fat guy is in shape! & # 39 ;: Bellew makes the weight higher than the confrontation with Usyk

I feel fantastic … Fat boy is in shape! & # 39 ;: Tony Bellew makes weight before the huge confrontation with Oleksandr Usyk – before he promised right to a pizza and a pint & # 39; ; to fight after his last fight

  • Tony Bellew weighed in at 199.4lbs, while the opponent Oleksandr Usyk was 198.4lbs
  • Bellew is in good shape, but admitted he was quick for a pizza & pint & # 39; would go
  • Liverpudlian yelled at the crowd in Manchester and called himself a "maniac".
  • He is ready for & # 39; war & # 39; and said that fighting is the "one of the biggest you've ever seen";

Ben Nagle for MailOnline

Tony Bellew's huge final confrontation with Oleksandr Usyk is ON after the newly torn liverpudlian made weight in Manchester on Friday afternoon.

The Brit, who fights for Usyk's WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO belts, tipped the scales at 199.4lb while the Ukrainian was 198.4lb.

Bellew & # 39; yelled at & # 39; to the crowd of partisans, before telling Sky Sports that he was ready for & # 39; war & # 39; with Usyk in the Manchester Arena.

& # 39; I feel great, fat guys in shape, & # 39; he said. & # 39; I made weight, I told you I would. Tomorrow night I am going to wage war. He is in the deep, I know exactly where I am.

& # 39; I am ready for war. It is just like that of Jack Nicholson in the institution, two maniacs looking at each other. You get one of the best fights you have ever seen. We will hit the rest of each other.

& # 39; He is a formidable champion, a pound for the pound of one of the kings of the world. I've been the underdog so often, they might as well start calling me the overdoing … but the only person who beats me is me. Tomorrow night I will be crowned king of the world. & # 39;

Bellew has lost a lot of weight to fall from heavyweight to cruiserweight, but he soon admitted he will not stay in his current state for long.

& # 39; It's another night, & # 39; he continued. & # 39; It's first a fight, forget what it means. I just want to hit him. Where do I go from there? A pizza, a pint, a KFC, a Maccys. These abdominal muscles do not linger for a long measure.

I will then release a video … you know who, & # 39; how to lose 30 pounds in six weeks & # 39 ;, I'm going to make one: & # 39; How do you do 30 pounds in three days & # 39;. & # 39;

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