Husbands who went the extra mile with creative life hacks

Who needs flowers and chocolates? Wives reveal how their husbands impressed them with VERY creative life hacks

With everyone looking for ways to save money in the run up to Christmas, it’s a relief to know that you don’t have to resort to grand gestures or expensive gifts to make your partner happy. 

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is coming up with an ingenious solution to make their life easier, as these snaps collected by prove. 

Women from around the world have taken to social media to share photos of acts by ‘husbands who went the extra mile’.

They include one whose partner organised her nail varnishes in egg cartons to keep them organised, while another had the clever idea of putting pizzas on heated seats to make sure they stayed warm. 

A British Man Managed To Create A Stand-Up Work Surface By Balancing His Laptop On A Small Stool Which Was Placed On The Top Of An Ironing Board

A British man managed to create a stand-up work surface by balancing his laptop on a small stool which was placed on the top of an ironing board

Nailed It! A Woman From Oregon Was Delighted When Her Husband Found A Way To Neatly Arrange Her Collection Of Polishes

Nailed it! A woman from Oregon was delighted when her husband found a way to neatly arrange her collection of polishes  

One Husband From The Us Managed To Make A Lego Mini-Figure, Who Looks Like Princess Rapunzel From 'Tangled', Hold The Cord For An Iphone Charger

One husband from the US managed to make a Lego mini-figure, who looks like Princess Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’, hold the cord for an iPhone charger

Toilet Humour! This Man Has Put A Clean Toilet Seat Over His Head And Used The Lid As A Tray So As Not To Mess Up The Living Room

Toilet humour! This man has put a clean toilet seat over his head and used the lid as a tray so as not to mess up the living room 

That'S One Way To Recycle Your Face Mask! It Might Not Look Like The Steadiest Piece Of Kit, But It'S A Start - And A Necessary Breakthrough For The Masses Wanting To Watch Tv While They Shower

That’s one way to recycle your face mask! It might not look like the steadiest piece of kit, but it’s a start – and a necessary breakthrough for the masses wanting to watch TV while they shower

Pizza My Mind! If You'Re Lucky Enough To Have Heated Seats Then Cold Food Should Be A Thing Of The Past, As One Man From The Us Discovered

Pizza my mind! If you’re lucky enough to have heated seats then cold food should be a thing of the past, as one man from the US discovered 

If You Throw Away The Packaging And Put Pasta In Jars, How Do You Know How Long To Cook It For? This Chef From Israel Came Up With An Ingenious Solution By Labelling The Jars With The Number Of Minutes Cooking Required

If you throw away the packaging and put pasta in jars, how do you know how long to cook it for? This chef from Israel came up with an ingenious solution by labelling the jars with the number of minutes cooking required  

A Woman Wasn'T Sure Whether To Be Impressed Or Not When Her Husband Came Up With A Solution That Meant Their Son Didn'T Have To Tire Himself Out By Holding His Phone

A woman wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or not when her husband came up with a solution that meant their son didn’t have to tire himself out by holding his phone  

No More Tears! This Man From The Us Had The Clever Idea Of Wearing Swimming Goggles To Stop Tears From Flowing While Chopping Onions

No more tears! This man from the US had the clever idea of wearing swimming goggles to stop tears from flowing while chopping onions  

Cleaning Up The Brownie Points! This Man From The Us Used A Shoe Organiser To Solve The Problem Of Not Having Enough Laundry Room Space For Products

Cleaning up the brownie points! THis man from the US used a shoe organiser to solve the problem of not having enough laundry room space for products  

Beery Good Idea! A Creative Dad From Sydney Made His Daughters A Castle Out Of An Old Corona Box And Some Toilet Roll Tubes

Beery good idea! A creative dad from Sydney made his daughters a castle out of an old Corona box and some toilet roll tubes  

Waste Not, Want Not! A Husband From Tennessee Grabbed Some Vices And Stuck The Tubes Inside To Make Sure The Family Are Not Wasting Toothpaste

Waste not, want not! A husband from Tennessee grabbed some vices and stuck the tubes inside to make sure the family are not wasting toothpaste

Instead Of Getting Up, However, This Woman Took A Gulp Through A Long Straw Which Managed To Reach Form Her Bed And Onto Her Bedside Table.

Instead of getting up, however, this woman took a gulp through a long straw which managed to reach form her bed and onto her bedside table.

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