Husband found not guilty of murdering wife in brutal stabbing in Kippa Ring, Queensland

Husband is NOT found guilty of murder after stabbing wife 29 times – once so hard he put the tip of a knife in her head – before using concrete pole to club her to death because he thought she was cheating on him

  • Brisbane Supreme Court finds Arona Peniamia not guilty of murdering woman
  • Mr Peniamia stabbed his wife Sandra 29 times, including 15 in the head
  • He then beat her to death in the driveway of their Kippa Ring home
  • Jury found Mr Peniamia guilty of manslaughter and will be sentenced next month

A jealous husband has been found not guilty of murdering his wife in a brutal stabbing attack that left the tip of the kitchen knife he used stuck in her head.

Instead, the Brisbane Supreme Court found Arona Peniamia guilty of manslaughter when he assaulted his wife Sandra at their home in Kippa Ring in 2016.

This week, a three-day deliberation took place during which the jury informed the court that it could not reach a unanimous verdict on the murder charge, the The courier post reported.

Judge Peter Davis accepted a majority decision on the manslaughter charge after 11 of the 12 jurors were also unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Arona Peniamia (pictured) was found guilty of murdering his wife Sandra in a stabbing at their home in Kippa Ring in 2016

The father of four cried and hugged his Samoan translator from the dock as the manslaughter sentence was handed down, the publication reported.

He was originally found guilty of the murder of his wife in 2018, but the Supreme Court ordered a new trial last year after it found that the judge had incorrectly instructed the jury on the defense of provocation.

The defense considers whether a person’s moral guilt is lessened when he has lost self-control as a result of an act or insult, in which case he would be convicted of manslaughter and not murder.

The court heard that the couple’s relationship was bad and that they had argued in a bedroom the day Mrs. Peniamina was murdered.

Her husband believed she was having an affair and that if she left he would lose his children.

Mr Peniamina beat his wife during the dispute before running to the kitchen to arm herself with a knife. He took it from her during a mess.

Sandra Peniamina (pictured) died after her husband stabbed her and then beat her to death after an argument in 2016

Sandra Peniamina (pictured) died after her husband stabbed her and then beat her to death after an argument in 2016

He then stabbed her 29 times with a kitchen knife, including 15 in the head, split open her nasal septum and knocked out a tooth while the tip of the knife was still in her skull.

After she tried to escape from the house, drenched in blood, he chased her down the driveway before hitting her on the back of the head with a concrete bollard.

The handle of the knife he used was later found by police under the family’s parked car, the knife was discovered nearby and the point was lodged in the woman’s head.

The jury was shown crime scene photos with blood spatter all over the dining room and kitchen floors, on kitchen cabinets and the inside of the front door.

Peniamina later told an undercover officer that his wife had tried to kill him, the court heard.

At least one of the couple’s children saw the attack and told police they saw their father ‘slam’ their mother’s head against the floor.

Mr Peniamina will be convicted of manslaughter later next month.