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Husband angry at his wife for ruining her friend’s baby shower


A man is furious with his wife after she messed up the baby shower after being provoked by her friend’s growing belly.

The 28-year-old explained that his wife, 26, concluded she was “definitely sterile” after failing to conceive within three months of trying.

He added that doctors had told her this was not the case and it might take a year for her to conceive but she insisted she would not be able to conceive a child and began to mourn her lost chance at motherhood.

So he is shocked when he encounters his co-worker’s pregnant wife, Mary, who beats him up, and accepts an invitation to her baby shower.

I asked her when we were alone if she thought she would be okay. I know my wife and I know what usually bothers her.

A young man has admitted he was angry when his wife messed up her boyfriend’s baby shower because she was jealous after failing to conceive

I knew she wouldn’t be happy about someone else’s pregnancy so I urged her to think about it. She said she was fine and was excited so she went.

But she wasn’t well.

Within 40 minutes, his wife called, sobbing, begging him to take her.

When he arrived at his friend’s house his wife was sobbing in the front, surrounded by her mother’s other friends.

‘She said she was dancing and looked at Mary’s pregnant belly and couldn’t take it any longer,’ he said, ‘and started crying and ran out.

He assumed they were going home and he asked her if she wanted to do anything fun to cheer her up but she was flawed when she decided to stay.

She promises that she will feel better and will be able to ‘have a good time’, ignoring his request to come home and avoid making herself the center of attention.


Who’s wrong?

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  • The wife’s disgusting behavior! 29 votes

Three hours later, when he returned with his father, he was nowhere to be found and his wife was the center of attention.

Mary’s friends “didn’t even notice she was gone.”

“My co-worker called and said she left a long time ago,” he said.

He was angry with his wife and told her that she should have left after she cried the first time, rather than ruin the party.

She asked to know whether Mary’s husband or her husband, he said, was unhappy with his judgment.

The guy took to Reddit to see if he was being cruel by insisting she should leave the bathroom early or missed it entirely.

But people seemed to take his side, with some questioning whether he should have been in a relationship with her at all.

Your wife turns someone else’s celebration into her own pity party, only to point out that the guest of honor left her bathroom, not realizing she did anything wrong? One woman asked: Do you really want to have a child with a woman like that?

Another said, “She needs treatment before she needs to get pregnant.”

The woman made the day of her life and became the center of attention - people didn't even see the mommy leave her private party

The woman made the day of her life and became the center of attention – people didn’t even see the mommy leave her private party

I wouldn’t stay around even if she was going to therapy, and I doubt she would. She’s been lying to people, saying she’s sterile, she’s attention-seeking and completely insensitive to other people’s needs. I’m the one who’s overdoing it now, but if she had a baby, I could see her using her baby to draw attention to herself.”

Others said it took years for them to have children.

One mother said, “As someone who took 2.5 years to conceive and there is nothing wrong with my fertility, I am not sterile, this woman calling herself infertile after three months is disgusting and insulting.”

Some baby showers can be challenging when you’re trying to start a family, but you should never get to the point where you ruin other people’s happy moments.

One infertile woman said, “If she’s having this level of seizure four months later in her mid-twenties, she’s too weak to be a decent parent.”

Another said, “There is a time and a place, and it wasn’t the time, it wasn’t the place, and as far as one doctor told her, it wasn’t her trauma.”

One woman explained that she became infertile after having a total hysterectomy, and as a result refused to RSVP child-related gatherings.

“Everything about pregnancy and babies hurt me so much,” she said.

She’s clearly dying for attention and snatching someone’s baby shower is such a low blow! I would never have done that, I have no chances of getting pregnant anymore and have real reason to be upset in a situation like this.

The man said that his wife has not spoken to her since the shower, and is looking for an apology from him for taking Mary’s side over her.

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