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Hundreds of fans stuck in limbo ahead of the World Cup following data error with visa applications

Hundreds of fans stuck ahead of World Cup as visa application data errors cast doubt on whether to enter Qatar

Hundreds of football fans have been left in limbo ahead of the World Cup due to a data error in their visa applications.

Supporters must have a Hayya Card, ID and Fan Pass to gain entry to the State of Qatar for the tournament.

But a large number of registrations are stuck in ‘pending’, with fans unsure if the issue will be resolved in time so they can travel in time for the tournament’s November 20 tournament start date.

Sports post has seen multiple WhatsApp groups including over 400 people all experiencing the same data error with their applications.

A spokesperson for Qatar’s Supreme Committee emphasized that the process is “smoothly” and the response time from application to approval is 72 hours, but this is not the case for many fans.

An anonymous England supporter, who spent a total of £2,630 including flights, tickets and accommodation, told… Sports post: ‘The operator will tell me there is a data error in the application, when I ask them why they say they are not sure because all the information I entered correctly matches the information on my uploaded passport.

‘If I ask them if they can approve’ [the application] they tell me they can’t approve it and assure me it’s with the technical team.

Supporters must have a Hayya Card, ID and Fan Pass to enter Qatar

Qatar is gearing up for the FIFA World Cup that kicks off on November 20

State-of-the-art stadiums may show empty seats if supporters fail to arrive in Qatar on time

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‘I explain to them that I’ve had the same conversation every day for a month and ask how long it can take. They tell me they can’t say how long it will take, but remind me that the technical team is apparently working on it.

“When I ask what will happen if the problem isn’t fixed before I have to fly, they apologize, but again they can’t answer.

‘When I ask if my accommodation will be refunded they only tell me if the application is formally rejected but if the application remains as ‘data error’ it will not be refunded.

“After watching England go so far in the 2018 World Cup, I swore I wouldn’t miss the next one, now I have everything and order and wonder at the last hurdle.”

Hundreds of supporters have all been given the same message to ‘wait’ for the problem to be resolved. Sports post spoke to one of Hayya’s operators, but the phone call, which took over 30 minutes, did not resolve the ongoing issue.

England boss Gareth Southgate may be under-supported in Qatar due to application issues

England kick off their World Cup campaign against Iran on November 21

A spokesman for the Supreme Committee in Qatar said: “The Hayya Card is a pre-approved entry permit to the country, giving fans a smooth journey to the FIFA World Cup.

All fans will need their Hayya Card to enter Qatar’s eight spectacular stadiums, as well as access to free public transport throughout the tournament.

Hayya’s application process is smooth and the vast majority of traveling fans have already received their approved Hayya tickets.

“For the minority of pending cases, our standard response time from request to approval is 72 hours.”


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