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Hundreds of Australians come from China, Japan and the Middle East

The government tries to limit interactions between groups, especially any event or gathering of 10 or more people.

The new restrictions, from March 25 at 11:59 pm, mean:


* Food courts in shopping centers are only available for takeaway. Do not sit.

* Auction houses close. Auctions and open house inspections are prohibited.

* Outdoor and indoor markets are prohibited, while rules around large food markets are addressed by states and territories.

* Personal services such as beauty therapy, tanning bed, waxing, nail salons, spas and tattoo parlors (but not physiotherapy) are prohibited.

* Hairdressers and hairdressers can continue, but must strictly manage the social distance

* Amusement parks and arcades and indoor and outdoor play centers must close.

* Boot camps and personal training must be limited to 10 people and enforce social distances.

* Social sports such as large groups of people who play football in a park are prohibited.

* Galleries, museums, libraries, youth centers, community halls, clubs, RSLs and swimming pools must close.


* Weddings can be held where it is just the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses, no more than five people.

* Funerals are limited to no more than 10 people – but with some exceptions allowed by states and territories.


* It is safe to send children to school until the end of the term.

* Some days without a student are required to plan distance learning.

* Schools will reopen after the hiatus with a mix of distance learning and school learning for all “essential workers”.

* PM to meet teachers and other sector representatives about keeping schools open and protecting staff.


* Anyone who still has a job is an essential worker.


* The official “no travel” warning is now an absolute ban on travel abroad, with some exceptions such as rescuers and compassionate travel.


* New for-profit crime and attempting to export goods abroad, covering things like medical supplies and masks.