Hundreds of Amazon employees are calling on Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy to support Palestine


More than 500 Amazon employees have signed an internal letter to Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy calling on the company to recognize the plight of the Palestinian people. The move comes after Israeli airstrikes devastated Palestinians in Gaza, which killed 248 people. Hamas and Israel have since agreed to a ceasefire.

“We ask Amazon leadership to acknowledge the ongoing attack on Palestinians’ basic human rights under illegal occupation … without using language that implies a power symmetry or situational equality, which disproportionate the disruption, destruction and death, minimizes and misrepresents. Palestinians in recent days and decades, ”wrote workers. “Amazon employs Palestinians in its Tel Aviv and Haifa offices and around the world. If we ignore the suffering facing Palestinians and their families at home, our Palestinian colleagues will be obliterated. “

Employees want the company to terminate business contracts with organizations complicit in human rights abuses, such as the Israeli military. In April, Amazon and Google signed a $ 1.2 billion cloud computing contract with the Israeli government.

The note echoes similar petitions from employees at Apple and Google. On May 18, Jewish employees at Google wrote a letter to Sundar Pichai calling on the company to “reject any definition of anti-Semitism that claims criticism of Israel or Zionism is anti-Semitic.” Two days later, The edge published a note from Muslim employees at Apple.

Muslim technology workers say executives are slow to express support for Palestinians or condemn violence in Gaza. Many feel that their CEOs are choosing to ignore Israeli human rights violations because the situation is fraught. As a result, according to multiple sources, Muslims in technology feel undervalued and ignored.

Read the full letter from Amazon employees below:

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The edge.