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Hundreds demonstrate for transgender rights in Paris


Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris on Monday to defend transgender and intersex rights.

The demonstration, titled “ExisTransInter”, also included a protest against the French government’s proposed immigrant law.

Alice Food, one of the participants in the demonstration, said: “It is a demonstration for transgender people, intersex people and everyone who supports them. It has been going on since 1997 and is organized by associations and charities.”

Of the immigration bill proposal and its potential impact, Fodd added: “There are a lot of trans people who are immigrants. These are the people who are already struggling with the inability to get to work, the difficulties in getting housing, the access to health care at all stages of life, who are struggling.” They really don’t have the potential.”

She added, “This law that severely affects undocumented people and is intended to exclude them more and more. Well, it will exclude more transgender people.”

“Many immigrants are asking to come to France in order to undergo a sexual transition, which is not possible or suppressed in their country,” Maeille Irieh, from the demonstration, told AFP.

The participants in the demonstration also called for the “de-medicalization” of sexual wanderings, and complained of some doctors’ refusal to prescribe hormones that the transgender needs for a period of time until the transition is complete.

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